Texas Kindergartner Dies Of Coronavirus One Day After Positive Test

Texas Kindergartner Dies Of Coronavirus Complications, Mom Says She Was ‘Perfectly Healthy’ Before Death

Recently, there has been a significant spike in coronavirus cases in children. There were 61,000 confirmed cases in the last week of October alone.

Now, the parents of a Texas kindergartner who died of the virus are speaking out. 

Tagan, 5, became lethargic, according to her mother Latassija White, and was taken to the emergency room where she tested positive for coronavirus. Doctors told her that Tagan would be fine and discharged her home.

The following morning, White found her daughter unresponsive but still breathing in her bed. They called 9-1-1, but Tagan died later that day. 

“We feel as parents that our daughter could have been saved. I mean, we feel that we’re not just saying that because it’s our daughter,” her father, Quincy Drone, told KAMR. “We just honestly feel like even if.. they probably shouldn’t have sent her home. I mean, it was just mistakes made…” 

“My daughter was perfectly healthy. Perfectly healthy. There’s no way that should have happened,” her mother, Lastassija White, said.

According to The Amarillo Globe-News, the Amarillo school district has the highest numbers of coronavirus cases in the state, according to more recent local health data. Texas has the highest number of cases of any state in the country, surpassing 1 million cases on Friday.

“We’re trying to bring light, so this doesn’t happen again. We don’t want any parents to feel what… We can’t even tell y’all what we’re feeling right now,” Drone said. 

On Friday, The New York Times showed more than 9.8 million reported cases and over 236,000 coronavirus related deaths in the United States.



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