Texas Man Allegedly Killed His Daughter’s Mother While Wearing Blackface And Fake Beard Disguise

Charles Beard, the 33-year-old accused of killing the mother of his 1-year-old daughter, allegedly disguised himself as a black man with a fake beard to do so.

On Oct. 2, Alyssa Burkett, 24, was shot in the head and stabbed multiple times outside of her job.

The Carrollton Leader reports, police claim, “a white man, tried to shield his identity from security cameras and witnesses.” The stunt worked, “at least two witnesses did, in fact, report that it was a Black suspect” who shot and stabbed Burkett.

According to the arrest affidavit, “dark liquid foundation and a fake beard with cosmetic glue were found in a car” nearby.

Beard surrendered himself earlier this week after learning of the warrant out for his arrest. He is charged with the murder of Burkett.

Police believe the aforementioned car, belongs to Beard.

According to People, the affidavit states, “police discovered tracking devices on Burkett’s car as well as her current boyfriend’s vehicle.”

Beard and Burkett had recently ended an ugly custody battle, where Burkett was granted custody of their daughter.

Currently, their daughter is a ward of the state.

Beard is being held without bail in the Dallas County Jail.

Charles Beard

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