Texas Man Seen Drinking And Driving On Facebook Live Moments Before Fatal Crash

A Texas man who posted a Facebook Live video of himself drinking while behind the wheel faces charges after crashing his car. The crash left three of his passengers dead and another person seriously injured.

According to KPRC, Camilo Morejon, 47, can be heard on video saying in Spanish that he drives better when he is drunk. You can see a beer bottle being passed back and forth between passengers. His girlfriend is filming from the passenger seat. 

The driver can be seen drinking out of a beer bottle just moments before crashing his Honda Accord into a pickup truck. Three of his passengers were killed, and the driver of the other vehicle was seriously injured.

The 45-year-old driver of the truck, Pedro Hernandez-Martinez, was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the vehicle. According to the sheriff’s office, he is hospitalized in serious condition. 

NBC News has identified the three passengers in Morejon’s car as Leosveyks Gonzalez, 35; Ricardo Rodriguez Tamayo, 40; and Massel Rodriguez Tamayo, 32. All three were pronounced dead at the scene.

Morejon was taken to the hospital with non-threatening injuries.

 “It’s very rare that we see actions of the defendant that close in time to a horrific crash like that, but it’s what happens; it’s what goes on moments before lives are lost,” Harris County Prosecutor Sean Teare said.

Morejon has been charged with three counts of intoxicated manslaughter and one account of intoxication assault. Prosecutors said the charges could be upgraded if the driver of the truck does not survive.

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