Texas Shooter Who Killed Seven and Injured 20 In Odessa And Midland Has Been Identified As Seth Ator

The suspect who killed seven people and wounded more than 20 others in a roving Texas spree was identified on Sunday as Seth Ator.

According to CBS News, Ator, a 36-year-old resident of Odessa, Texas, was in his gold Toyota pick-up truck when he was pulled over for a minor signaling infraction along a stretch of I-20 near Midland, Texas, on Saturday.

Authorities said Ator blasted his assault rifle at approaching state troopers, seriously wounding one, before taking off.

During his escape, he began firing indiscriminately with his AR-style rifle out of his truck as he floored it towards Odessa.

At one point, he killed a USPS worker and hijacked her mail truck, continuing the spree, killing and injuring people randomly.

The death toll currently stands at seven people so far and those who lost their lives ranged from 57-years-old to as young as 15, officials said.

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