Texas State Coach Resigns After Investigation Reveals He Allegedly Made Racist And Offensive Comments Towards Players

Texas State University Head basketball coach Danny Kaspar has resigned after several of his players accused him of making racist and offensive comments towards them.

Just days after former point guard Jaylen Shead came forward with allegations against the coach, the school launched an investigation into the matter. Shead, who had been on the team for two seasons, claimed Kaspar would make racist and abusive statements to him and his team, Yahoo! Sports reports. The outlet reports that the abusive and racist behavior was one of the major reasons Shead transferred out of the school.

Shead ended up taking to Twitter to share some of the racist and abusive words from Kaspar, which included a time when Kaspar allegedly told him and other players during a drill, “If y’all say the N-word, that means I can say it.” Shead also claimed Kaspar said that “If a brown man with a turban and an AK-47 walked in, I bet y’all would run as fast as you could.” He also allegedly told a European player that if he kept “messing up, that he was going to deport him with the help of #DonaldTrump because Trump supports boosters and alumni.

Texas State launched an investigation into the incident back in June, and Kaspar resigned on Tuesday. Kaspar, 65, has been at Texas State since 2013. Texas State announced that it accepted Kaspar’s resignation Tuesday with the following statement:

“Texas State Director of Athletics Larry Teis announced that he accepted the resignation of Head Basketball Coach Danny Kaspar. Texas University also announced that Terrence Johnson would serve as head men’s basketball coach for the 2020-21 season. The university will not be making any additional statements.”

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