Text Messages Between A Parent and A Teacher Goes Viral After Parent Becomes Frustrated With Virtual Learning

The pandemic has really opened everyone’s eyes to everything that is going on around us. Businesses are closing, families are losing their loved ones, and schools are going virtual.

Since March, many schools have taken the virtual route and will continue to be virtual as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise. Parents, teachers, and students are all frustrated with how education is going. Teachers are working harder than ever trying to adapt to the new norm, students are trying to adjust, and parents are having to be teachers as well.

The problem is, some parents don’t want to be parents. Some fail to realize that they’re their child’s first teacher and it is not just the teacher’s responsibility to educate students.

Text messages have circulated the internet between a parent and a teacher that surprised many.

The text starts with:

“Ms. Jackson, Let me start off by saying that I am disgusted at the school. Working parents shouldn’t have to be teachers that why you all get paid. I get home and see my child is failing. That is ridiculous. It’s your job to make sure they understand. How the hell is she failing every course except math and science. Please explain before I go higher up the chain.”

The teacher responds in a polite and respectable manner stating that her role as a teacher is “to teach.” She then states that the parent’s role is “to have your child in a safe, quiet environment with supplies.”

Well, the text messages did not stop there. The teacher says that she has reached out to the parent on several occasions and the parent has never responded, which lead her to reach out to the father.

The parent was not receptive to that and told the told teacher not to reach out because it is “inappropriate and uncalled for.”

If that was not bad enough, the parent tells the teacher to that she needs to come to her house and teach her child because she doesn’t have time to keep up with her child and the school work.

Crazy right?!?!? Check out the text messages below and tell us what you think. The teacher is in the blue text.

Parent vs. Teacher


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