Teyana Taylor Gets Ghetto On Set, Fights Movie Director

I was going to start this blog off with an open letter to Teyana but let me let you guys know what she did first…


According to TMZ:

Teyana Taylor claims she and a movie director got into an all out bloody brawl … because he ignored her pleas to be taken home while she dealt with an abscessed tooth.

Teyana and the director — Jean-Claude La Marre — were filming “Gang of Roses 2” last weekend outside L.A. … when Teyana asked to be taken home because the pain was just too much to bear.

According to 20-year-old Teyana, she asked multiple times to be taken home by car service — and when La Marre continually refused to allow that … she got in his face and started shouting. Teyana claims La Marre shouted back, “Don’t f**king scream at me bitch” … and pushed her in the face, hitting her aching tooth.


La Marre claims he only defended himself … AFTER Teyana “jumped on me and began swinging” — but says he never hit her.

Whoever started it … we’re told several crew members had to separate them. Teyana says during the scrap her shirt was torn open (above), she got popped in the nose and mouth — and the blood ended up on her denim shorts.

Teyana’s people say they are considering legal action. La Marre says the only reason he didn’t file charges is because “she’s 20 years old and I’m 40 … kids lash out.”

By the way, La Marre is finishing the movie — a western also starring Amber Rose and Claudia Jordan — but with a twist. He’s killed off Teyana’s character.



Now here goes my letter to Teyana.


Dear Teyana, 

Don’t think for one second that I’m “blaming the victim”. If you are indeed the victim in this entire ordeal then I’m truly sorry and this director is scum. Now with that said, as my girl Fresh would say “Something In the Milk Ain’t Clean”. Let’s start from the top. You had a tooth ache and wanted to go home. Wait, let me change that, you wanted to be TAKEN home. The tooth ache became so unbearable that you wanted someone to leave the set and take you home. Now, if you had just gone home I’m sure you wouldn’t get anything more than a swift talking to, but you wanted someone to stop what they were doing and TAKE you home. I can only imagine how “politely” you must have asked for a ride. Next, let’s talk about how you got into the director’s face when you didn’t get to go home. Excuse me if I’m a bit of a punk, but when my tooth is aching me unbearably I don’t have the strength to go acting like a raging lunatic, especially towards the director of a movie I’m supposed to be working on. 


Keep it real Teyana, you’ve been involved in THREE altercations in the last year. It’s not looking good for you honey. Plus, it’s not like you have any steady checks coming in. The most you are known for is “Byrooooooooooooooooon” and that’s sad because that was not Oscar worthy work. When you’re not making money, you need to be trying to get it in anywhere you can. Granted, no one is checking for “Gang Of Roses 2”, hell, we weren’t checking for the first one. And the “All Star” cast? Yeah….. But still, a check is a check and you need to act like an adult. I can’t see you being in such unbearable pain that you had enough super strength to go Incredible Hulk on your movie director. You’re all up in this man’s face like a wild woman, hell you probably hit yourself in the mouth, who knows! It’s not like you’re really getting hired to do much else so you may have wanted to be on your best behavior….or at least as close to it as you can get. Now you’re jobless again. Over a tooth. Did you even go see the dentist or did you just sit at home playing Xbox? Girl…..



Your good friend Eleven8.

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