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That Time Ray J Said Kim Kardashian Had A Smelly Cat (VIDEO)

Most of us have probably seen the sex tape with Ray J and Kim Kardashian by now. Well, Diary of a Hollywood Streetking dug up an old interview of Ray J with radio personality Maxwell Billieon, and in the interview Ray discusses Kim Kardashian’s “odor” issues and having to tell her to get checked out. 

“I went to the doctor and I asked the doctor, ‘Is it me? Check me out first. Am I good? Ok, then what’s up with my girlfriend’s coochie? It’s ridiculous!” said Ray J. He then asked for advice as to what he should do, to which the doctor said that the first thing he should do is tell Kim. “I was like, ‘How? There’s no way that I could.’ I jumped up and was like, ‘Can you call her?’ Cuz I can’t take this no more.”

Ray J says that he eventually told Kim and when he did, things changed for the better. “When I told KK, that was it! The next day the p*ssy was fresh.  Most of the time it’s a yeast infection. A lot of the time girl’s wear thongs with colors on em and it messes with the PH. Sometimes the p*ssy stinks. Sometimes you got an STD. All these things come to mind but most of the time when guy’s think ‘p*ssy stinks’ they think STD.”

There’s no word as to how old this interview is, or if any part of it ever aired. But, if what Ray J is saying is true, I’m glad they were able to get the problem under control.

Listen to the audio clip below.

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