That’s Baller: $1.5 Million Mercedes-Maybach Landaulet

When it comes to luxury automobiles, you automatically think of big names like Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, etc. So, what happens when two major brands combine forces? You get a luxurious, off-road vehicle that with the press of a button, the top opens up and folds back. The Mercedes-Maybach collaboration has provided the ultimate upgrade to a standard G-Wagon, and only 99 vehicles exist. 

The front passenger seats are pretty typical for a million-dollar vehicle, but it’s the rear seats that will make your jaw drop. The single seats have enough legroom to kick your feet up and are equipped with massage functions. The cup holders have a warming and cooling feature for beverages, a champagne bottle, and glass holder and a removable tray inside of the rear console. A glass partition separates the driver’s compartment from the rear with one button; the top folds back allowing an open-air view.

To no surprise, Drake is the proud owner of the only one in North America. But, as this week, Travis Scott recently copped one, as well.


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