That’s Baller: $1.7 Million Open Air McLaren Elva Roadster 

The automotive industry is looking ahead and trying to set new standards for the future. Luxury carmaker, McLaren, recently revealed a $1.7 million, open cockpit, limited-edition supercar. The one of a kind Elva Roadster boasts an open-air design in a “blurred boundaries” concept where, “There is no clear distinction between the interior and exterior of the car,” according to McLaren.

In spite of the window-less design, passengers won’t be required to use headwear as the vehicles contoured shape, acts as a cocoon around the passenger. It also features an Active Air Management System (AAMS), which channels the airflow above the occupants. The aerodynamic design built with carbon fiber materials and an interior touchscreen control panel, makes for one of McLaren’s most innovative creations.

Only 399 models are being made, in which buyers can customize the interior to their liking. Windshields are available for purchase as an attachment. Andy Palmer, McLaren’s vehicle line director, said in a statement, “The McLaren Elva … exists purely for the pleasure of driving, to deliver an enthralling and immersive experience born from the ultimate connection between the car, the driver, and the elements.”

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