That’s Baller: $12 Million Fyre Festival Private Island For Sale

The Fyre Festival was intended to be the most exclusive island based musical experience for guests, and turned out to be a complete sham. Attendees were promised luxury amenities, A-list celebrity attendance, and musical performances by major

artists in exchange for up to $250,000 ticket prices. Instead, what festival goers actually received garnered so much attention there were documentaries made about Fyre on both Hulu and Netflix. In fact, the entire ordeal landed co-founder, Billy McFarland in jail for fraud. 


The promotional material shared on social media suggested the festival would be held on the beautiful private island, Saddleback Cay. A 35-acre private island, only accessible by boat with cottages; however, even the promo was misleading as guests didn’t even arrive to Saddleback Cay for the fake concert. However, if you’re in the market to buy an island, Saddleback Cay is currently selling for nearly $12 million, and interested buyers have been bidding since the day after the failed Fyre festival. 

Who knew that there would be so much interest in owning a piece of scam artist history? Hopefully, the new owner will open the island to the public so we can all enjoy. 

Fyre Festival On Sale

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