That’s Baller: The 2018 Rolls Royce SUV Cullinan

Rolls Royce SUV 1

While many individuals dream of the life of luxury, a select few live it. Whether is dinner dates at five-star restaurants, boarding private jets,  cladding themselves with the finest of garments, or pushing the latest whips; everything these individuals do screams “BALLER”. With respect to ballerific vehicles, there is a great chance that nothing will probably emphasize ballerdom more than the  2018 Rolls Royce SUV  Cullinan.

Car lovers and BALLERS were teased with the concept in earlier years, but no specific date was given. The vehicle appeared to be a  figment of their imaginations. Now the wait is finally over. The luxurious SUV will arrive on the market in 2018  with a price tag leaning towards $400,000. This vehicle will cost more than the average person’s home. (Sigh).

Debuting the same year will be the eighth-generation Phantom, although it is unclear which vehicle the British automaker will release first. Wrapped in the reputation of prestige and classic design, Rolls Royce is not expected to play by the rules with this model.  Rumors are circulating that this will be the largest SUV on the market. It is expected to house a V12 engine and 500 horsepower . More than likely, it will feature the “7 series platform that will make this and all-terrain vehicle”.  Off Roading in the “Cullinan”? Baller!

Wrapped in Rolls Royce’s noted opulence, this beauty will exhibit the well appointed interior and craftsmanship owners of Rolls Royce have come to admire and love. Dominating the segment of luxury SUVs, this jewel offers  power, precision and class. This vehicle is the perfect mix of rugged luxury.

Rolls Royce SUV

-Niko Rose

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