That’s Baller: $7,500 Drake Memorabilia For Sale

Lifestyles of the rich and famous are lavish, extravagant and sometimes out of this world.  Today’s trending topic is brought to you by none other than the Canadian bred, Champagne Papi himself, Drake. 

Long before Drake became a household name and chart-topping rapper, he started from the bottom with humble beginnings writing down his dreams on paper like most kids do.

Memorabilia company, Moments In Time is selling a page from an old notebook belonging to the rapper for $7,500. The document includes a handwritten note from him to his mother, promising to do chores.

On the back, he jots down his musical influences and hobbies in a sort of bio where he seems to be preparing himself for interviews when he makes it big one day. He also gives a special shout out to his father. It’s clear that the desire to be famous was a lifelong goal for Drake; we think it’s safe to say mission accomplished. 

How much do you think your old notebooks are worth?

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