That’s Baller: BMW Self-Balancing Motorcycle Of Tomorrow

BMW Motorcycle

To mark their 100th Birthday, BMW has unveiled the self-balancing motorcycle of tomorrow. The motorcycle of the future is so smart that it is going to eliminate the need for protective gear, according to automaker BMW.

The Motorrad Vision Next 100 will have the self balancing system that keeps the bike upright both in motion and when still. The BMW self-balancing motorcycle will not have a control panel. Instead, riders will wear a visor that acts as a smart display. All of the information will be between the rider and the bike solely through the smart visor.

BMW said in a statement:

“Information will be between rider and bike largely via the smart visor. This spans the rider’s entire field of view and provides not only wind protection but also relevant information. The information will project straight into the line of sight as and when it is needed.”

BMW also has a few other concepts in the Next 100 Years series which will include a massive Rolls-Royce (measuring nearly 20 feet long). The massive Rolls-Royce is fully autonomous, with a couch instead of seats and no steering wheel. Another baller item will be the BMW Mini. The Mini concept is partially transparent and designed completely around car-sharing. The Mini will be able to arrive autonomously to a location with an app and ready for use.

Dope right?

Check out the BMW Self- Balancing Motorcycle in action below:



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