That’s Baller: Handwritten Letter By Tupac Dissing Your Favorite Rappers, Auctioned for 30K

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We all know Tupac Shakur as a hot head rapper/actor who held his tongue for nobody. Now with the recent finding of his handwritten notes, we see how he really felt about some of his peers in the hip-hop industry.

An online site is auctioning notes Tupac allegedly wrote for his posthumous album “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory” for $30,000. In the notes, Tupac blatantly accuses Jacques Agnant “Haitian Jack” and Walter Johnson “King Tut” for infamous Quad studio shooting in 1994. He also calls Dr. Dre a ’closet homo’ while addressing #Nas for not taking his advice and minding his business. The letter continues with insults and shots thrown at De La Soul, Donnie Simpson, #JAYZ, #LilKim, #FaithEvans, Wendy Williams and more.

Classic Tupac ended the letter with “real n*ggaz do real thingz. Exit 2PAC, Enter Makaveli.”

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