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Five-star restaurants and hotels, first-class flights, exclusive parties, private fashion previews and big checks – yes, the life of a baller is opulent and dope. Who wouldn’t love a decadent life and/or turnup?

Often times we look at the life of a baller and never think about the ones that curate the baller’s life. What about the epic parties? Nothing spells baller like an epic party. The right playlist is so important. And with the right playlist comes the right DJ. The right DJ comes at the right price. That price might be a six to seven-figure check per gig. Forbes composed a list of the highest paid DJs, and let’s just say it’s so baller.

Marshmello raked in a whopping $21M last year thanks to six-figure nightly gigs. Let’s just say that Mello’s salary was a slice of humble pie compared to Calvin Harris who brought in an astronomical $48.5M, more than twice Mello’s baller salary. The Scottish DJ is also a successful crossover producer and earns “mid six-figure” nightly payouts as well as million-dollar festival appearances.

Dutch DJ, Tiësto (48), has a payday around $39M. Chainsmokers follow close with $38M. David Guetta had a successful year with earnings reaching $25M. Working with the likes of Rihanna, Usher and Sia, this EDM artist is seeing major cash flow from Ibiza to Las Vegas. Martin Garrix was on the heels of Guetta with $19M in earnings.

Forbes pointed out that the top-paid DJs lack diversity in their class. There are no women DJs and the DJs hail from either the United States or Northern Europe.

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