That’s Baller: Artist Jeff Koon’s Sculpture “Rabbit” Auctioned For $91 Million

Throughout time, the creative works of artists, musicians, actors, and other creatives have always been admired and when deemed popular enough, highly profitable. American Artist Jeff Koons has been creating works of art since the 1980s, but he just broke a record with his 1986 sculpture, “Rabbit.” The $91 million sale marks the most expensive artwork sold by a living artist at an auction since November 2018. Koons is no stranger to this kind of success,  as in 2013 his “Balloon Dog (Orange)” sculpture also broke records and sold for $58 million.

The sculpture itself is a 3ft, stainless steel figure of a rabbit with no identifiable facial

features. Previews of the piece have described it as, “crisp and cool in its appearance, yet taps into the visual language of childhood.” There are three editions of the “Rabbit” sculpture, one is located in Los Angeles at the Broad Foundation, and another has been promised to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago by its owner. 

This has been an exciting week for art enthusiasts as there have been high priced, record-breaking sales for a variety of art. Congratulations to all the artists seeing their works honored during their lifetime.

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