That’s Baller: Porsche Quietly Enters Cutlery Business With $240 Meat Cleaver

That’s Baller: Porsche Quietly Enters Cutlery Business With $240 Meat Cleaver

Porsche may be known for high-end vehicles, but the automotive brand is looking to expand its horizons, though most people likely did not see this latest innovation coming. 

The company has quietly decided to try its hand at luxury kitchen cutlery. While several knives have been made available on the Porsche Design website, the $240 meat cleaver seems to be the standout. This sleek cleaver is constructed using the same high-quality Japanese Pure 301 stainless steel as the rest of the collection. An ergonomic stainless steel handle allows for a firm grip designed by F.A. Porsche in collaboration with Jörg Wörther, who was crowned Chef of the Decade. The sharpness of the cleaver is described as being the best in the industry.

There is minimal embellishment on the cleaver aside from the words “Design by F.A. Porsche” and “Type 301 C Chroma.” The blade is nearly seven inches long, with the total weight of the knife being 11.2 ounces. Chroma Cutlery, a knife and chef enthusiast website, recommends buyers sharpen the cleaver daily or every six months. The company also suggests having the same person sharpen it every time.

While Porsche has dabbled in other products outside of cars, such as clothing, watches, and earbuds, the line of knives is the first time they’ve put their quality into kitchen goods. Though it appears to be a random business move for a car company, the cleaver seems to be a hot ticket item at


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