That’s Baller: This Rolls Royce Is Painted With The Dust Of 1,000 Diamonds

This Rolls Royce Ghost’s paint job is made entirely from the grounded dust of 1,000  “ethically sourced” diamonds. This whip is considered the most expensive paint job Rolls Royce has ever done, although they won’t dish on how much the job cost.


The car, which was named “Elegance,” was debuted at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, held in the Swiss city of Geneva. The two-tone detail shimmers with tiny sparkles when kissed by the light. A private buyer commissioned the job, so don’t expect this to be an add-on at your local car dealer. Working on the paint alone took two months, according to Rolls-Royce’s Technical Laboratories. Technicians spent a great amount of time carefully examining the light-transmission and reflection properties of diamonds. It also took some time to figure out how to turn diamonds into paint while still maintaining a soft touch.


According to Rolls Royce, no additional special care is needed to maintain the car’s sparkle.


That’s a Baller ride! Check out a few pics below .




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