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That’s Baller: The $400,000 Foldable Television Drops In July

Ballers wouldn’t be ballers if they didn’t obtain the latest and greatest in technology. Now, an innovative new television is making its way to a mansion near you.

Austrian-based C SEED Entertainment Systems has unveiled the world’s first-ever 165″ folding 4k MicroLED TV, referred to as the C Seed M1. This massive television folds into the floor when not in use with the push of a button. An aluminum column-like structure supports the five panels that unfold to showcase the immaculately clear 4K HDR display. The M1 includes a 2.1 speaker system, which utilizes two 250W broadband speakers and a 700W subwoofer to transmit crisp audio.

Big spenders looking to secure one of these tellies will have to fork over $400,000 once they hit the market in July. Buyers will have the option of selecting their C Seed M1 in black, gold, silver, or titanium grey, depending on what’s most fitting for their home aesthetic.


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