That’s Baller: The Lion King Is The Highest Grossing Animated Film Ever Made

’The Lion King’ was expected to be a box office hit, but none of the buzz surrounding this film could have predicted its massive success. Grossing worldwide sales of $1.3 billion, ’The Lion King’ surpassed Disney’s box office smash ’Frozen,’ which grossed $1.27 billion in 2013. 

Disney execs are relishing in what is proving to be a record-breaking year, yet, they hesitate to categorize ’The Lion King’ as an animated film. With the film’s extensive use of CGI, it doesn’t qualify as standard animation and Disney continues to refer to the remake as a live-action film instead. 

Nonetheless, the momentum isn’t letting up anytime soon as Disney is slated to release ’Frozen 2’ in November. After the booming success of each film released by Disney this year, it’s possible that they will have one more billion-dollar grossing film before the year is up. 

Lion King
Lion King

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