That’s Baller: Three-Year Cruise With Life At Sea Cruises for $90k

That’s Baller: For $90,000, You Can Cruise For Three Years Straight With Life At Sea Cruises 

In the ultimate getaway, Life at Sea Cruises is now offering a three-year voyage at sea for $30,000 per year. 

This experience will take travelers worldwide beginning November 1st on the MV Gemini. It will kick off in Istanbul. Guests in Barcelona and Miami will also be picked up. The comfortably sized ship offers 400 cabins to welcome up to 1,074 travelers. Over the three-year journey, travelers will visit 375 ports in 135 countries, such as Mexico, South Korea, and Australia. The Gemini will spend two to three days docked at most destinations with 288 overnight stays. One week will be spent in Shanghai and Singapore. If the ship needs to be repaired at any point, passengers will be placed in hotels at no cost to them. 

Those aboard the vessel can continue to work and stay connected with life back home through free Wi-Fi. A business center will include two meeting rooms, 14 office suites, a business library, conference equipment, printers, screens, and virtually anything needed to conduct business on the water. Food will be prepared in the two primary dining areas. A restaurant on the pool deck will also be readily available. Sailors may remain in their cabin and order room service using the ship’s app.  

Even more assuring, passengers will be able to invite family and friends on the ship for visits. Medical services will be available on the ship to address emergencies or pre-existing conditions, ensuring day-to-day health.

Life at Sea Cruises is now accepting reservations.

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