That’s Baller: Travis Scott Splurges On A Custom $50,000 Vending Machine

Lifestyles of the rich and famous are lavish, extravagant, and sometimes out of this world. It’s been a pretty good year for rapper, Travis Scott. He started the year off with a Super Bowl halftime show performance, a successful tour, the recent announcement of his custom $50 box of Reese’s Puffs cereal, Air Jordan 6 collaboration and a picture perfect family with daughter, Stormi and girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. Seems like he’s living his best life and has money to blow because he just purchased a $50,000 custom vending machine.

Designed by Exotic Pop beverage company, the machine features a variety of items like cereals, snacks, sodas and he can even enter custom orders for delivery right from the machines touch screen. If that wasn’t cool enough, there’s a 3D spinning hologram of Scott’s Astroworld album cover.

Customized vending machines are becoming quite popular these days. Nick Jonas has a customized Skittle machine in his home and Lil Pump’s vending machine is equipped with Apple TV.

How would you customize your own vending machine?

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