That’s Baller: Uber Launches “Uber Copter” To Fly Passengers In NYC

Uber Technologies Inc., the popular ride-sharing company, is expanding into new territory and testing the service in NYC. Starting July 9th, in addition to passengers being able to share rides, order food, electric bikes, and scooters, they will now be able to book a helicopter flight from the app. In NYC, people have used helicopters for years to travel from Manhattan to local airports, and Uber is capitalizing on this market by offering an on-demand service for interested consumers. Flights are estimated to cost around $200-$225 per traveler; however, like the rideshare, prices can fluctuate depending on current demand. Uber Copter is competing against a startup, Blade Urban Air Mobility Inc., which currently offers helicopter rides six days a week from Manhattan for $195. 

In the test phase, Uber Copter will only be available to Diamond and Platinum loyalty program members. The helicopters can accommodate up to five passengers and can be booked on demand or days in advance. There are reports that Uber plans to expand this service to other cities. It is also being reported that, “Hello, welcome to Uber Copter is the greeting passengers hear upon entering the aircraft.

Would you be willing to take a ride?

Uber Helicopter flying over New York City skyscrapers and Brooklyn Bridge, USA

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