That’s Baller: Uber To Release Flying Taxis In 2023

Uber, the popular rideshare company, continues to find innovative ways to change how we currently think of transportation. From car rides, scooters, and helicopters to flying taxis, Uber is trying to make Jetsons-like futuristic travel ideas available today. 

According to reports, Uber is working with NASA to navigate and ensure safe, urban air traffic. The air taxi venture is intended to launch as a fully functional operation called Uber Elevate by the year 2023. The initial launch will be targeted for use in Los Angeles and Dallas, both major cities where traffic is unbearable. The company will seek to expand its presence in America and across the globe. 

Flying Taxi for Uber

The company wants to be able to allow users to avoid traffic jams by offering air travel. This venture comes after the successful launch of the Uber helicopter trips that are currently being used in New York City. The 8-minute rides takes users between JFK airport and Manhattan for $200, avoiding a 1-2 hour traffic packed car ride. 

Uber isn’t the only forward-thinking company out there. The startup company, Lilium is also in the testing phases of their version of a flying taxi, and experts predict that in 10 years, flying cars will be more prevalent in modern society.

Uber for Flying Taxi

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