That’s Baller: World’s First 360 Infinity Pool In London

When you think about London, England, you may think of the royal family, tea or Idris Alba. The pool design company, Compass Pools, wants to add one more thing to that list by designing the world’s first 360 infinity rooftop pool. “Infinity London,” will be a 600,000-liter transparent pool on the roof of a 55-story skyscraper building.

Construction is tentatively set to begin in 2020 in spite of the technological challenges faced when trying to create a clear pool without stairs. To ensure a seamless look, the designers came up with the unique idea to develop a rotating spiral staircase that rises from the pool floor to allow swimmers to enter and exit. In addition to using technology in the design, the pool will be heated by using energy waste from the buildings air conditioning system. It will also feature a wind speed monitor and computer-controlled management system to ensure the right temperature and prevent water from overflowing and spilling over the surface.

As if this isn’t enough to get your attention, the designers want the pool to appear as a ”jewel-topped torch” at night. It’s also being reported that development plans include the creation of a five-star hotel right underneath the pool. This would allow visitors to be able to look up and see pool goers enjoy themselves above them.

Would you want to swim on top of a skyscraper? #ThatsBaller

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