THE 48 LAWS OF LOVE: Law number 2 – Love thy neighbor

Law number 2 – Love thy Neighbor

Premise – ‘Me, we.’ As quoted from Mohammed Ali in the 1960s as a poem to end a speech he gave at Harvard University.

No I don’t mean literally go and get busy with your neighbor, I’m talking about the way that we interact with everyday people generally and how we interact with others. Do you make a point of it to say please and thank you? Do you get up for those who need your seat a lot more than you do on the bus or the subway? Do you hold doors open for people or just let the door slam in their faces behind you? Do you make a point of it to say hello to your colleagues and regular acquaintances? We are all guilty of neglecting basic manners, but the simple fact is that they matter a hell of a lot to someone looking from the outside in. These things might seem quite petty and anal to keep up at times, but at the very least they show good character in you; i.e. you actually give a damn about the welfare of those and you. Good manners can never be bought and are attractive in any language in my opinion.

Being distant and aloof can be a turn off for most prospective partners; in the case of heterosexual males, a few might prefer the ‘Ice Queen’ diva type, but you’ll probably find it easier to bag a man by being warm and approachable. This does not mean allowing any Tom, Dick and Harry grope you out of the blue, it just means that you try your best (within reason) to be open to the possibility of someone talking to you. This means not ignoring someone, just because they may not fit the physical ‘type’ of mate that you would normally go for; just be polite, say a few words and keep on moving. Even if a gentleman asks a lady if she’d like to go for a drink or coffee and she doesn’t really dig him, she can just politely decline. If she does it nicely enough, she can never be accused of being a bitch – which we all know is a term that is thrown around rather liberally these days. Whatever you do just don’t give anyone the shoulder, cos you never know when you will meet an angel (someone told me that a long time ago and I live by it!).

If you’re not sure, then ask some good friends that you trust to keep it real to tell you what they think of your interactions with others. Ask them to be honest and take what they say onboard even if it hurts to hear it. If you wanna make any improvements in yourself (and I know that some of y’all don’t!) then you have to take the rough with the smooth. Keep working on that attitude cos everyone can use a little improvement; we are human and none of us is perfect.

Thinking ‘love thy neighbor’ is a good way to attract a potential mate if you’re looking or trying to hold on to the one you already have if you’re in a relationship.
It is also a great way to attract someone with a decent character also. If they can see good traits in you, then they will hopefully identify with them in themselves and find you attractive. We’ve all heard the term ‘birds of the same feather flock together’. From my limited experience in the world so far, I find that good people generally like to hang with other good people.

Helping people within your community and doing charity also helps to enrich the kind, loving and more approachable part of you. Yes I know that we are in a recession, but even doing something simple such as taking clothes that you no longer wear to the charity store is part of caring for others. Think of all of those impulse buys that you made during the boom time that have probably been sitting in your closet for years. You can do something great with them; you can give them those who desperately need them more than you do. Even I do this; a few times a year, I go through my closet (and shoe rack!) and put everything that I know that I am never going to wear again in a clean black trash bag and take it to my local charity store. This simple act makes me feel good about myself and also helps to make me feel a little less selfish. We all make the mistake of taking, taking and taking all that the world has to offer, but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and just give for once.
I truly believe in the statement ‘you can’t know love until you give love.’ It really is true, I mean how can you read this blog in the hope that you’ll get some tips or directions on how to find the love of your life, or even keep the love of your life, if you aren’t prepared to let the love show from every pore of your being?
For final emphasis on this law, I believe that openness and a friendly demeanour usually wins the day. Just look at President Obama and his wife Michelle – I rest my case.

After you read today’s blog, I’d like you to do something for me when you’re next out of your home. Smile at someone who looks like the need a smile, say good morning to some old folk that are just looking for a kind word, or just simply hold the door open for somebody. Eventually, your good karma will become contagious and at some point, just when you’re not expecting it, your soulmate might be on the receiving end of it.

Next week’s law is: Law number 3 – Charity begins at home

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