The $600 Unemployment Bump May Just Be The Reason Jobs Are Having A Hard Time Hiring

It is no secret that a great number of people are making more off of unemployment than they were while employed. With this increase in income, it is no surprise that Americans are hesitant to go back to work.

Zalak Thakkar, a sandwich shop investor in Georgia, commented on how the business he supports is suffering due to the increase in benefits.

“If the government is paying more to stay home, why would those people be out there risking their lives, number one, number two, staying away from their families and number three, making less money?” Thakkar said. However, he does not blame these people as he would do the same if in a similar situation.

According to CNN, “the federal supplement has provided the jobless with $15 an hour, before factoring in Georgia’s state benefits of up to $365 a week.”

Originally, the stimulus was created to “keep laid-off people at home instead of out looking for work,” which it has, it also introduced an unexpected consequence.

The $600 enhancement ends this week, and lawmakers are debating on whether or not to extend the benefits.

According to CNN, Democrats believe the federal boost should be extended since the economy is nowhere near stable, and many still may have a hard time finding a job. Republicans, however, are worried an extension will “deter people from going back to their jobs, which will slow the economic recovery.”

The Senate had talked about reducing the benefit and combining it with a return-to-work bonus, but nothing has been set in stone. They are hoping to have a solidified plan soon.

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