The BA Academy: The “Roster” Groupie

What is a “roster” groupie? According to OfficialGroupie, a roster groupie is a woman who has been with more than 3 ballers on the same team, linked to more than 15 ballers around the country, and/or dated more than a handful of celebrities…..but haven’t (for the most part) been wifed up by a baller. They are attracted to the baller lifestyle. Roster groupies believe they are deserving of a man of such status because they pull these men rather easily. They are attractive but not drop dead gorgeous, friendly, approachable, charismatic, sexy, confident, and have swagger with TONS of personality. These women typically aren’t “professionals”. They may be sales associates, students, models, bartenders, etc. There is nothing too special about them but they do have a certain appeal. They will make you say,”Who is that?” when they walk in the club.

Roster groupies are easy to identify….cause they are everywhere the ballers are. They can receive a “perfect attendance” award because they don’t miss a main event. They are at all the exclusive parties and events. Not only are they at these parties and events, but they are hanging with the ballers. Roster groupies are friends with the ballers. She’s in VIP sipping on a drink with the boys. She’s not hard to overlook because she is the friendliest one in VIP. She makes her rounds to say hello to ALL the ballers. She’ll quickly chat with one to catch up on news then she’s on to the next baller. However, depending on her mood, she may post up and let them come to her. All in all, just know that there will be acknowledgement between the parties.

So you may wonder how she still gets with plenty of ballers although they know about her history. Well, 1) she is attractive and sexy; and 2) she has TONS of personality. The ballers enjoy being around her because she’s fun and knows how to have a good time. She’s THE life of the party. The roster groupie has the “one of the boys” appeal but still knows how to be sexy. She doesn’t act like the typical chick. Even after their encounter (if it leads to nowhere), she continues to maintain a friendship with these men rather than being a scorned ex. Therefore, she will continue to pull ballers. But will they ever wife her? Hmmmm….well, it depends. You can turn a hoe into a housewife……

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