The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 120 Ashanti Vs Keyshia Cole, A Boogie, Cardi B, Vaccines, And More !

The Baller Alert Show recently aired episode 120, “New Money.” 

Host Ferrari Simmons, Su Solo and Producer/Host Octavia March, sat down to chat on Cardi B and A- Boogie’s Legal troubles, Jeremih Catching COVID-19, Opinions Vaccine, and More. The show opened up with the host discussing Ashanti and Keyshia Cole, a Highly anticipated Versuz battle. The battle will take place on December 12th. It is agreed amongst all hosts that both are the ladies and legendary and talented. 

The Dynamic Trio then went on to discuss legal and health issues surrounding the industry. In the wake of A Boogie being arrested on gun charges and Cardi B’s lawsuit over her mixtape cover art host, Su Solo left had an important message.

“Hip- Hop is under a microscope. People have to stop doing dumb things, especially when you have a status”, she said.

The discussion about singer Jeremih catching COVID-19 segued into the host’s opinions regarding the vaccine.

” Are you going to take the vaccine if your job requires it ?” Ferrari Simmons asked.

The unanimous decision was that they would all wait until after the first round of vaccines. The FDA plans to distribute the first round of  Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine as soon as this weekend. 

In lighter news, the trio discussed some individuals who are worth congratulating. Referred to as ” The GOAT,” host Simmons reported that Howard Stern recently extended his contract to $120 million a year. The host then went on to discuss Charlemagne Tha God, who may be on a similar path. The Breakfast Club host recently renewed his contract for an additional five years.  They also went on to congratulate Rashida Jones, who has been named the president of MSNBC. Jones is the first black executive to run a major news outlet.

While the Baller Alert family continues to be your favorite source for news, we cannot ignore serious topics. The civil war in Ethiopia has caused thousands of citizens to seek refugee in Sudan. Prime minister  Abiy Ahmed has imposed mass genocide amongst his people. Tigray is in a ” Black Out” state. Families, including our Host Su Sulo’s mom, have been left without any means of communication. In full support of the Baller Alert family was ask that you Hashtag #PRAYFORTIGRAY #STOPWARONTIGRAY and contact us for any additional information.

Listen to the full episode below:  

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