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The Baller Alert Show: Ep: 203 -The Cast Is Joined By Slutty Vegan's Pinky Cole
the baller alert show

The Baller Alert Show- EP. 121 Ashanti, Cardi B, Jamie Fox GA Runoffs And More!

The Baller Alert Show is back with episode 121, ” Wins and Losses.”

Host Ferrari Simmons, Su Solo, and Producer/Host Octavia March sat down to discuss new relevant to the culture.  The ” In Case You Missed It “ Segment opened with was arguably the most disappointing news of the weekend. The highly anticipated Ashanti Verzus Keyshia Cole Battle was rescheduled for January 9th, 2021.

” It really ruined my weekend. I had the heart set on this battle. We were all rooting for you Ashanti ” Octavia March said.

Ashanti caught  COVID from one of her US family members after returning home from a trip to Africa. Ferrari Simmons jokingly touched base on a thought that crossed thousands of fans’ minds when first hearing the news.

“She was a little scared. It was going to be a heavy-duty round for round battle”, He said.

The dynamic Trio then moved on to discuss Saturday’s upcoming Verzus battle. Legends, 2short and E-40 will face off against each other at 8 PM Est. Octavia March shared a fun fact with the audience when she mentioned 2short being Vice President-Elect Kalama Harris’s” favorite rapper.”

The hosts also touched base on Jamie Fox’s recent interview with Rachael Lindsey. Fox initially participated in the interview to promote his new  Disney/ Pixar movie  “Soul.” He eventually went on to discuss the recent loss of his sister Deondra Dixon. Fox made sure to capture how resilient his sister was and even mentioned Chris Brown coming over to dance with her..”

On a more humorous note, the host made jokes about Cardi B and Tinashe. While reporting Cardi B buying Offset a new Lamborgini for his birthday, a Baller Nation fan chimed in.

“Equipped with Cardi B GPS,” the fan said jokingly.

Tinashe also became the but of a joke after tweeting, “Made it through 2020 without getting sick and without getting pregnant, I won”


“Mess around and catch them both,” Su Solo said jokingly.


Our hosts as entertaining, as they are conscious and responsible in reporting topics that affect the culture. The reported news regarding the first distributions of the COVID-19 Vaccine during the podcast. They also touched base on  Joe Bidens Presidential victory and the Georgias Runoff elections.

“Joe Biden won the Electoral College with over 300 votes. There were no findings of voter fraud to overturn the election. Trump keeps tweeting saying there has been because he knows people will fund and fight for him. His supporters which he calls ” The proud Boys” are going around burning Black Lives Matter Signs on churches,” Su Solo reported.

Early votes for Georgias Runoff election has officially started. Results will determine who will have control of the house. The Hosts are in full support of the Decomtractic candidates Reverand Raphael Warnock. And Jon Ossof. On January 5th, they will face off against GOP Senators Kelly Loeffler, who recently photographed with a KKK leader and David Perdue.

Update For Baller Nation: #PRAYFORTIGRAY

Unforutley, the civil war in Ethiopia is continuous. Thousands of citizens have fled to seeking refugee from the country, which was officially added to the genocide list. Despite his Nobel Peace Prize, Prime minister  Abiy Ahmed has imposed civil war amongst his people. Tigray is still in a blackout from all communication. Our Host Su Sulo’s hasn’t spoken to her mom in over 40 days.

We thought the prime minister was for unity. He got a Noble Peace Prize and then called a civil war on his own people. There is a blackout of communications in Tigray. I still haven’t spoken to my mom in 40 days. There is no media coverage or humanitarian aid in the region. We need help,” she said.

In full support of the Baller Alert family asked that you Hashtag #PRAYFORTIGRAY #STOPWARONTIGRAY  #STOPABIY and contact us for any additional information.

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Queen Tay
Nataé Robinson, Also Known as Queen Tay or Tay Yonce is an Pan Afrikan Journalist From NYC. Nataé Pledges to re-write America’s narrative for the betterment of its citizens

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Nataé Robinson, Also Known as Queen Tay or Tay Yonce is an Pan Afrikan Journalist From NYC. Nataé Pledges to re-write America’s narrative for the betterment of its citizens

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