THE BALLER ALERT SHOW - EP. 188: Cast Talks Missy Elliot's Street Naming, Yung Miami On BMF, & 50 Cent Vs The Game, And More

THE BALLER ALERT SHOW – EP. 188: Cast Talks Missy Elliot’s Street Naming, Yung Miami On BMF, & 50 Cent Vs The Game, And More

Baller Alert! Baller Alert! Baller Alert! The Baller Alert Show is back with another episode. On episode 188 OCT, BT and Ferrari discussed Missy Elliot’s street, Yung Miami on BMF, and the beef between 50 Cent and The Game.

“I think that is super dope to have your own street named after you. That means you are doing something right,” said Ferrari.

Yung Miami and Monique will play on Starz BMF in the upcoming season.

“She’s back. I feel like she was black-balled for years,” said BT, as the cast discussed Monique’s career over the past few years. They all agreed that she would do well in the series.

The Game recently posted a picture of 50 Cent and his son on Instagram with the caption, “Like father like…wait, wrong picture. BRB.” He followed up with a picture of himself and his son, stating, “If you don’t want your dad playing favorites, leaving you out in the cold, n giving you scraps every month, come to DEATHROW.”

“I don’t even care if they squash it at this point. They fake-squashed it like three times,” said Ferrari.

Kanye West became the topic of discussion as the cast shared their thoughts on his latest acts.

“I feel like Kanye West is misunderstood, but I also feel like he should take some time away and I feel like when he takes some time away, he comes back fine,” said Ferrari.

The cast agreed that Kanye needs to be aware of his platform and leadership role. “I want him to get well because if he is well, he’s very effective as a leader, as an influencer, and the genius that he is,” said Ferrari.

Love VS. Money

On this week of Love VS. Money, the cast will discuss if Tom Brady and Gisele are together for the love or the money.

I know he said he was gone retire, but damn. And I know you have been waiting Gisele. But he just came back for one more year. You said for better or worse when you said I do, and this is for worse. You were supposed to stick it out. This lets me know this has to be a business arrangement for you,” said Ferrari.

BT feels that they both are in it for love.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert Folks,

Big fan of the show. Since I proposed to my lady, I’ve been going crazy and having second thoughts, and a few ladies have been keeping me company and really occupied at work. I’ve been thinking about living a poly lifestyle. The only issue is I really love this woman and I do not want to hurt her by saying this. I need y’all opinions.”

“You need to go ahead and say what you gone say immediately, so you can start the grieving process,” said Ferrari.

The cast agreed that he must tell his wife what he wants.


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