The Baller Alert Show: Ep: 203 -The Cast Is Joined By Slutty Vegan's Pinky Cole
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The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 191: Cast Talks Rihanna’s New Song, La La Anthony Dating & the Upcoming Election

The Baller Alert Show is back with another episode! Ferrari, BT and Su Solo talk about Rihanna’s new song for the Wakanda Forever soundtrack, La La Anthony, and voting.

The second woman claims that the conservative politician Herschel Walker pressured her to pay for her abortion in 1993.

“That’s all they got on him?” said BT.

Su Solo explained that Walker’s entire campaign is centered around abortion. Su Solo stated, “Who’s voting for Herschel.”

Panera bread expanded its grocery line with bagels, pasta bowls, bread, and more.

The cast argued the level of satisfaction of Panera Bread.

“The Navy has arrived,” said Ferrari in excitement for Rihanna’s Wakanda Forever single, “Lift Me Up.”

“I think mommy hood has encouraged her to tap into who she is,” said Su Solo.

“Why do I feel like this Black Panther is about to suck?” said BT.

BT argued that the first Black Panther was “so good” that it may be hard to top the first one.

Ashanti’s new single became the topic of discussion. Ferrari shared that she’s talked about her relationship with Irv Gotti in anticipation of her new single.

La La Anthony shares that she’ll never get married again and will never date a basketball player after her divorce from Carmelo Anthony.

“Can you blame her? She went through a whole lot of turmoil and embarrassment,” said BT.

“I don’t think you should ever write an entire group off just based off of their profession,” said Su Solo. 

Curve Ball Question

For the curve ball question of the day, Su Solo solo asked the fellas, “Would you donate your sperm to a lesbian couple so that they can have a baby?”

“How much are they paying?” asked Ferrari.

BT shared that he couldn’t do it. “Imma be just thinking, damn I really got a kid out here. Mentally I can’t be going to sleep knowing I have a kid out there,” said BT

Love Vs. Money

On today’s Love Vs. Money, the cast discussed Rihanna and A$ap Rocky.

“They both rich as hell. I think that’s love,” said Su Solo. 

Baller Mail

“My Boyfriend showed up to my birthday dinner underdressed. I gave him the dress code and he did not follow the instructions. I sent him home to change his clothes and he never came back to my dinner. We’ve been having problems in our relationship ever since then. Please help.”

“You better tighten up. If you need help getting dressed, put that Burberry on,” said BT.

“It’s a couple of things, do you even know your man? He probably don’t know how to dress, don’t like to dress and probably don’t own the proper clothes,” said Su Solo

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