Another week, another episode of The Baller Alert Show! On episode 196, Ferrari, Su Solo, BT, and OCT interviewed Desi Banks and discussed Shanquella Robinson’s death, Future Billboard cover, and Desi Banks’ career.

Ferrari started the show with the topic of Shanquella Robinson, who was killed within 24 hrs of being on vacation with her friends in Mexico.

“Her friends said she died of alcohol poisoning, but she obviously died from an injury,” said Ferrari. Su Solo shared that “the autopsy said it had nothing to do with alcohol. She had an injury to her neck and her spinal cord. The girl was beaten. The video showed that she got beat up by one of the girls.”

The state of Georgia will call 300 witnesses during the YSL trial.

“I think some of these witnesses are getting paid,” said BT.

Su Solo shared, “The longer that people have to be in court and on trial and have to hear these questions over and over again, the more likely they are to coerce and fold.”

Future’s Billboard cover and his interview was the next topic of discussion as Ferrari shared that Future is one of his favorite rappers.

“One of my favorite rappers of all time, Future, shared his dream is to get married. That’s a life that he never lived,” said Ferrari.

“I don’t think anybody wants Future to get married,” said BT.

“That’s the Wizard,” said Desi Banks. “We don’t need no lil puppet.”

 Desi shared that the chemistry between him and co-comedian B. Simone was gold.

“That was in the beginning when we were doing videos,” said Desi Banks.

The cast discussed B. Simone comments about not showering. 

B. Simone gotta come up here and we gotta talk to her about this,” said Ferrari.

Desi Banks

What’s the hardest part about being in your industry?

“The hardest thing about my industry at first probably was stand-ups and transitioning. I was a little nervous when I first started.”

People don’t take you seriously until after you start doing stand-ups?

“Stand up brought me all my real relationships and opportunities. That’s when the movies come. That’s when the agencies start coming. You get in the room with the Mike Epps and the Kevin Harts.”

What’s your biggest audience?

“Probably when I did shows with Mike Epps. Maybe like 15,000.”

You get a lot of love. Have you ever met anybody that just rubbed you the wrong way?

“Yeah, because I come from social media. Some don’t respect it, but some do. They love to see me transition into that stand-up side. They like, ‘you did it.’ They want me to keep going.”

What’s some advice that you would give Druski?

“He needs to go ahead and start. I think he needs to go and do stand-up. You got everything else. You got the fanbase. The people love you.”

Baller Blitz

OCT will give Desi Banks five comedians who were good at it. He must name one of their songs. She included comedians such as Jamie Foxx, Lil Duval, Eddie Murphy, Donald Glover, and Nick Cannon.

Baller Mail

“Dear baller Alert Show,

Specifically Su Solo, I want her to answer first. My husband of 15 years just told me I need to get a job. Now, I’ve never worked in the 15 years of my marriage and now he wants me to work. How the hell do I work?”

“How do you work?” asked Su Solo. “You apply for a job that you qualify for. Hopefully, they call you for an interview. You nail the interview. They call you and hire you. You clock in and you work.”

“If she don’t want to work, scam man. It’s really big in Atlanta. Come get some of this money out here man. Scam or sell a little weed,” said Desi Banks.

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