The Baller Alert Show-- Ep 205: The Cast Discuss Diddy's New Baby, Young Thug & Damar Hamlin

The Baller Alert Show– Ep 205: The Cast Discuss Diddy’s New Baby, Young Thug & Damar Hamlin

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of the Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast.

Ferrari, Su Solo and OCT came together for their first show of the new year.

The cast sent prayers to Damar Hamlin, who was hospitalized during a football game.

“Do we know what caused it?” Asked Su Solo.

The cast agreed that the player went into cardiac arrest.

Ferrari shared that the uniforms have warning labels and that football is a contact sport, which makes it dangerous.

Diddy welcomed a new baby, Love Sean combs.

“This baby just popped up out of nowhere to me,” said Ferrari.

“It’s a lot of stuff we don’t know about Love and how he spreads it around the world,” said Su Solo.

“Speaking of love, I don’t know if this is love or betrayal. Thoughts of the YSL case; it’s some people signing plea deals and becoming free,” said Ferrari.

“I’m scared for him. He’s going to get a minimum of 20, or he’s getting life,” said Ferrari.

The cast discussed what it means to stay loyal and not “snitch.”

“They changed the game with a RICO charge. That means if one person does something, it’s you too,” said OCT.

Curve Ball Question Of The Day

“Why would I shoot dice with somebody who’s not in my tax bracket?” asked Waka Flocka.

“What Waka Flocka is saying, you can’t really be jeopardizing your safety when you elevate,” said Ferrari.

“To build on Ferrari’s statement, it’s hard to get away from certain habits when you grow up a certain way,” said Su Solo.

Love Vs. Money

On this episode of Love Vs. Money, the cast discussed if Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti are together for love or money.

“He really manifested this relationship,” said Ferrari.

“Yo Gotti is there for the love. I think he likes her more than she likes him,” said Ferrari.

“I think they are both there for love,” said Su Solo.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

My lady and I just got back together after a recent breakup for about 4 months. After getting back together we decided to put it all on the table before deciding to take the relationship seriously moving forward. The person I slept with was a one-night thing and only happened once. The person she slept with was an ex and they slept together repeatedly. I’m having a hard time getting over it because it was an ex.”

Su Solo shared that he should get over it if they plan on getting back together.

“If this is going to be a problem, do not get back into this relationship if you can’t handle her getting her box ate and tore up from the floor up,” said Ferrari

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