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The Baller Alert Show – Ep 208: The Cast Discuss Naomi Osaka & Cordae, 50 Cent’s Apology, and Dondria’s Last Project

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome back to another episode of the Baller Alert Show. In this episode, the cast is joined by Dondria to discuss Naomi Osaka, 50 Cent’s apology, and Dondria’s last project.

Congratulations to tennis champion Naomi Osaka. She’s expecting a baby with her longtime boyfriend, rapper YBN Cordae.

“They look like the perfectly odd but amazing couple. I never saw it coming, but when I discovered it was a thing, I was like, you know what? I can see it, and it makes sense. They push each other with their fashion. I love them as a couple. I can’t wait to see this baby,” said Su Solo.

50 Cent apologizes to Megan Thee Stallion.

“I’m going to apologize to Megan Thee Stallion. I said something on social media because when she said she was with Gayle, she said, ‘were you intimate with Tory Lanez and she said no.’ I was like, oh, she’s lying. Little things were popping up, and I wasn’t being supportive. At some point, I should apologize to her because when I heard the phone conversation, that made me feel like, oh shit, now I know what happened,” said 50 Cent.

“I think that’s kinda what happened to everybody. Everybody heard the call and was like, ‘Tory did it,’ said Su Solo.

“It seems like it’s a YSL Civil war going on. Gunna breaks his silence this past Tuesday. He made his official return back to social media,” said Ferrari.

“Something is a little fishy because I see other people in Atlanta not co-signing or not saying anything. Did you notice that nobody said welcome home to Gunna,” said Ferrari.

“T.I. is the welcome committee, and it’s weird that he didn’t say anything,” said Su Solo.

Southwest announces $49 fair sale as airline recovers from its holiday meltdown.

“I do not like southwest; that’s the airline where you pick your own seat. That’s not cool,” said Ferrari.

The cast then discusses Lori Harvey, who dispelled rumors of dating a father and a son. 

“I’ve heard I dated a father and son before; absolutely not true,” said Lori Harvey.

“She’s the male Future,” said Ferrari.


“Where have you been?” asked Ferrari.

I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ve been recording; I’ve been putting out music. However, there have been five years since my last EP and this one. I think I just have been growing up and becoming a woman,” said Dondria.

“I’m very grateful for the infrastructure that I had at SOSO Def, but I also did not have a sense of self. I didn’t know what I wanted to sing about. What I wanted to look like. They were making these decisions for me. At some point, I had to figure out what I actually look like and what I wanted to wear,” said Dondria.

“I do have a song on the EP called Let it be, and it’s kind of a love song to music and to my career,” said Dondria.

Dondria shared that her manager influenced her to move to L.A with hopes of finding a new market, new inspiration and new producers. 

“We went, but I ain’t have no damn plan. There were financial struggles. I Didn’t have anybody advocating there for me. It was so many different things back to back,” said Dondria.

Dondria shared that she eventually changed managers.

After her first big single, many industry reps didn’t believe in the vision of a young black girl signed from Youtube. 

“J.D (Jermain Dupri) saw you on Youtube and signed you?” asked OCT.

Dondria shared that she has a partner who is also responsible for shooting the cover art for her last project. Rious and Dondria share trainers and knew one another before dating.

 Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

Mannn, what’s up y’all? I’ve been dealing with my lil shawty for about two years and it’s something that’s been bothering me about her. Her best friend is a dude, and he’s my biggest hater. I hate him, and he hates me. On Christmas, I invited her out on date night, and her ass brought him on date night because we went bowling. I’m not threatened because he doesn’t like girls, but he’s annoying AF, and at this point it’s either him or me. How do I express this to my lady?” 

“You ain’t shit playboy, and ol boy found out you ain’t shit, and that’s why he on your top. How about you start treating your lady a lil better, and he’ll probably be your biggest fan. He realized you ain’t worth a damn, and she could do better than you,” said Ferrari.

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