The Baller Alert Show - Ep 210: The Cast Interviewed Deiondra Sanders and Discussed Tory Lanez, Hunter Biden and Deion's Decision To Leave JSU

The Baller Alert Show – Ep 210: The Cast Interviewed Deiondra Sanders and Discussed Tory Lanez, Hunter Biden and Deion’s Decision To Leave JSU

Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show! On this episode, BT and OCT interviewed Deion Sanders’ daughter, Deiondra Sanders. They discussed Tory Lanez, Hunter Biden and Deion’s decision to leave JSU.

Drake took to Instagram to post a story saying, “Gonna start using 2023 to tell you my truth. I have seen more staff and private bathrooms than anybody ever…whenever you are waiting in line to use the bathroom, just know there’s an amazing clean private room that they refuse to show you.”

“I think he’s trying to tell y’all what’s really going on in rich nigga lives,” said BT.

Tory Lanez shared that he regrets not testifying during his trial.

“I think that they did him wrong. I’m such a huge Megan Thee Stall fan, but I think it should’ve been a mistrial,” said Sanders.

Hunter Biden denied his baby’s mother the right to give the child the Biden last name. 

According to OCT, Hunter Biden had a baby with a stripper and initially gave the baby her last name. She now wants to give the baby the Biden last name because of the benefits of being a Biden.

“Who’s coaching her? If you have a baby by the President of The United States son, why would you not give the baby his last name?”

 Damar Hamlin is moving forward to making a full recovery. He’s been at the practice facility daily.

“I don’t think he needs to play anymore,” said OCT.

 The cast discussed James Harden’s feet, which went viral after a picture was taken of him in the locker room. 

BT shared that despite the negative connotation created surrounding men getting their nails and feet done, BT shared that he goes once a week.

Deiondra Sanders

Who is Deiondra Sanders outside of “A famous dad?”

“I feel like I’m just like every other person. I’m finding myself figuring out my path and what God has planned for me. Just taking it one day at a time,” said Deiondra.

Did you play sports?

“I did. I played volleyball and track. I played softball. I did a little bit of basketball, but I wasn’t that good; I could shoot,” said Deiondra.

Did you get any scholarships?

“No. My dad took all of the fun out of it for me. He was way too serious about it, and I just wanted to play with my friends,” said Deiondra. 

Do you and your siblings ever have any sibling rivalry?

“Well, you know my dad ranks us all the time. That’s his thing to do. I don’t know them, but I know I’m currently not at the top,” said Deiondra.

Did you ever feel pressure to live up to his success?

“Yes. Growing up, I think I did because I was the firstborn. It was hard for me because I wanted to do what I wanted to do and not what he wanted me to do,” said Deiondra.

Were any guys scared to date you because of your dad?

“Actually, I feel like dudes want to date me because of it. Either they try to date me because of that, or they’re intimidated by it,” said Deiondra.

Do you find it harder to find love?

“Yes, I do,” said Deiondra.

So who slides in your DMs mostly? Athletes?

“Do you want to know what’s crazy? I don’t even get DMs like that. What people would think I get, I really don’t get hit up like that. A lot of athletes put me in the friend zone,” said Deiondra.

Do you support your dad’s decision?

“People don’t know that it’s more than Football in Jackson. When my dad makes a decision, he thinks about all the aspects of his kids. People have to realize that he also had kids who went to that school. People don’t know that it’s killings on the campus every few months. People are breaking into the locker rooms and stealing from the students. My dad gives back to the community, but what is the community doing? ” said Deiondra.

Baller Mail

Dear Baller Alert,

My man and I had our child four weeks ago, and he has not done what he promised while I was pregnant. He told me we were going to get a much-needed BBL after our baby was born. We’ve been together for a long time but often break up. how can I make sure I get this Bbl that he promised?

“I don’t think he got it.” said Deiondra.

“Only thing you need to do is tell that man that somebody else gonna pay for it,” said BT.

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