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The Baller Alert Show – Ep 215: The Cast Discuss Offset Vs. Quavo, Shannon Sharpe and The Grammy Awards

Welcome back to another episode of The Baller Alert Show! The cast discusses Offset Vs. Quavo, Shannon Sharpe and the Grammy Awards.

Ferrari said, “One time for the Grammys, it was a lit experience.”

“I think it’s great how they highlighted all genres of music,” said BT.

The cast agreed that Hip Hop 50 was their highlight of the Grammys. 

Beyonce broke the record with 32 wins but didn’t win the Album of The Year award.

“Man, Beyonce can’t have everything,” said BT.

Quavo and Offset allegedly got into an altercation backstage. Audio also leaked of Cardi B yelling, “Both of y’all are wrong.”

Baby Blue has been released from prison. 

“Baby Blue was sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy after committing wire fraud last December. He received more than 25 million after committing the fraud,” said OCT.

Players Ball

“Did you guys hear about Shannon Sharpe and his thoughts about Ja Morant?” asked Ferrari.

“Did you see that he was pointing the lil laser at the referees? There are allegations that his friends uttered threats against Pacers staff and supporters last weekend. After an investigation from the league, it was revealed that there was no evidence of any threats. However, one of his friends was banned from the arena for a year,” said Ferrari.

Shannon Sharpe shared his thoughts, saying, “You got a $200 million contract, and you want people in the NBA to think you hood because you roll with these type of people. Why are you putting yourself in harm’s way when you don’t have to?”

BT shared that he doesn’t like the comments Shannon Sharpe made without evidence.

“One that I do agree with is that if you’re worth $200 million, you shouldn’t have any negative people around you who would have your name in some bullshit,” said BT.

BT and Ferrari debated Kyrie Irving going to the Lakers.

Lebron hit the all-time record as the leading scorer of all time.

 Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert Team,

I got into a car accident with my side chick in my girlfriend’s car. So I’m stuck in a weird place. My car was in the shop for a few more days, so I have been taking my lady to work in her car. Well I scooped up my side chick for a quick lunch date on her side of town, and just by luck, we got into a car accident. So my lil side boo feels like we should tell my lady and the accident. I’m like, hell no, that ain’t smart or safe. She disagreed and had an attitude. After dropping her back home, I’m swiping to scoop my old lady up, and I’m paranoid now because I don’t know what type of time my side chick is on. It’s been a few days, and I haven’t heard from my side chick, and my main lady has been acting weird lately. What do y’all think? Insurance is getting the car fixed, and I just got my car out of the shop. I’m paranoid as hell. I need y’all opinions ASAP.”

“I don’t think that she’s telling. I think that she’s paranoid said,” said BT.

“I think you gotta cut the side chick off ASAP,” said BT. “When women get upset, they get the talking.”

The cast agreed he was in trouble and should’ve moved smarter.

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