The Baller Alert Show - Ep. 219: The Cast Discussed the NBA All-Star Game, Roots Picnic and Da Brat

The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 219: The Cast Discussed the NBA All-Star Game, Roots Picnic and Da Brat

Welcome to The Baller Alert Show Podcast, available everywhere you get your podcasts. Parlae from Dem Franchize Boyz joined Ferrari, Su Solo, BT and Oct to discuss the NBA All-Star game, Roots Picnic and Da Brat.

“I want to talk about the fact that the Afro show on the NBA all-star game…fire! Never saw something like that,” said Ferrari.

“The white folks weren’t really feeling it that much,” said Su Solo.

“Speaking of a great job, The Roots Picnic and Live Nation has announced the installment of the 2023 Roots Picnic festival at the Mann In Fairmount Park. Lauryn Hill will be there, Lil Uzi will be there, and Baller Alert will present the Go Go Rare Essence and Backyard set,” said Ferrari.

“Congratulations to Da Brat. She’s expecting her first child with her wife Jesseca Judy. Da Brat is pregnant. She’s carrying the child.  Nobody expected her to carry the child,” said Ferrari.

“If you watch their show, you’d see the obstacles the Brat experienced to get this far. As we can all see, it worked,” said OCT.

“T.I announced “Kill The King” will be his last solo album,” said Ferrari.

“I don’t think artist should announce their last album,” said BT. 

When you look at other genres, they don’t never retire.” said BT.

The cast discussed T.I.’s stand-up career. “He ain’t that bad,” said Parlae.

Boosie cancels T.I. joint album after T.I. admitted to snitching on his dead cousin. 

“Snitching is anytime you playing a certain field and you corroborating with the police, that’s snitching,” said Parlae.

Player Ball

“It’s all about the NBA buyouts. You know Russell Westbrook is now a LA Clipper,” said Ferrari.

Patrick Beverly is going to the bulls.

“Who cares.” said BT. “Although I do like Patrick Beverly because I like his mindset. He gone make it hard for you to score.”

“Switching to football, do you guys like the Eagles to go back to the Super Bowl?” asked Ferrari.

“I want Odell Beckham to go to Cowboys,” said Ferrari.

“The draft kinda weak this year.” said Ferrari.

Love VS. Money

On this episode of Love Vs. Money, the cast discussed if Tyga and Avril Lavigne are apparently dating for love or money.

“First of all, they were just spotted together, but I think Tyga has a type at this point. He likes when it snows, so it could be some love there.

“They’re exploring each others bodies,” said Ferrari.

“It ain’t love,” said Parlae.

Baller Mail

“Dear baller Alert,

I’m in love with two men. I’ve been dating both of these men for a bout two years a piece. I know it’s time for me to settle down with one of them. The only problem is I rely on both of them. I live alone and they don’t know about each other. One makes hella money but is too clingy with a 10-year-old kid. The other sex game is crazy, no kids; he’s a professional football player, but he’s junky. I’m in love with both men and don’t know who to pick. Talk to me.”

“Hit them with the Poly. If one leaves, then she got the one,” said Parlae.

“Just be honest. It’s not cool to mislead anybody,” said Su Solo.

” She definitely needs to figure out if they both love you,” said BT.

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