The Baller Alert Show - Ep. 222: Serayah Joins Cast to Discuss Career and Address Joey Bada$$ Relationship Rumors

The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 222: Serayah Joins Cast to Discuss Career and Address Joey Bada$$ Relationship Rumors

Welcome to The Baller Alert Show podcast, available everywhere you get your podcast. On this episode, Serayah joined Ferrari, BT, Su Solo and OCT to discuss her career and to address Joey Bada$$ relationship rumors.

Serayah talked about attending a Destiny’s Child concert and realizing performing was her passion.

“My mom put me in dance at four, I started writing music at ten, and it has always been a super passion of mine,” said Serayah.

Serayah also talked about joining the cast of Empire.

“It was really crazy, though, because when I got the audition for the show, it didn’t exist,” said Serayah.

“For Empire to be your breakout, you did your thing,” said OCT.

Serayah spoke about Lee Daniels and how he has an eye for talent. 

BT asked if she was friends with anyone from the cast of Empire.

“We’re all working, so I try my best to stay tapped in,” said Serayah.

She also talked about keeping a steady mindset after becoming an actress. 

“Are you single? Are you dating?” asked Ferrari.

Serayah shared the difficulties of dating guys after becoming an actress.

“Guys, sometimes, their ego is a little threatened. So now, they may feel a way,” said Serayah.

“How did you and Jacob get together?” asked OCT.

“Both of our shows shoot in Chicago. It was summer when the cast from the Chi and Empire were hanging out, and it turned into a friendship,” said Serayah.

Serayah explained that there was no bad blood between her and Jacob Latimore. 

“I obviously love him, and I have love for him. I want him in a beautiful situation. It’s no bad blood. We didn’t say anything on purpose,” said Serayah.

Serayah clarified that she is not currently dating Joey Bada$$ despite the pictures released of the two as a promotion for his latest single.

She also talked about her latest single, Love or Die.

“That song is a vibe. It’s sexy. Girl you did that,” said Su Solo.

“I’m in a space for releasing more music. I’ve been in my bag, but I’ve been in the lab just working,” said Serayah.

“What was your thought process going into BMF?” asked OCT.

“I was so excited. I love no make-up. I love being outside of what I’m used to,” said Serayah.

Serayah shared that she would like to expand her portfolio by acting in an action-packed film or Marvel.

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