The Baller Alert Show - Ep. 223: Kountry Wayne Joins the Cast to Discuss New Projects & Dating Jess Hilarious

The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 223: Kountry Wayne Joins the Cast to Discuss New Projects & Dating Jess Hilarious

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. Kountry Wayne joined Ferrari, Su Solo, BT and Oct to talk comedy, new projects and dating Jess Hilarious.

“Did you guys see the Chris Rock special?” asked Ferrari.

“I liked his cadence,” said Kountry Wayne. “It’s hard to keep that cadence up after so long.”

“His comedy isn’t my type of comedy,” said OCT.

“Do you curse in your comedy?” asked Su Solo to Kountry Wayne.

“I don’t. I say damn and hell,” said Kountry Wayne.

“We know who does curse, Ja Morant,” said OCT.

“Did you guys see the Instagram post of him holding up the gun in the club?” asked Ferarri.

“I think it was a toy gun,” said BT.

“When I saw that, I’m like, brother, this is too much money you’re playing with,” said Kountry Wayne.

“I just want to say to his entourage; you have to protect the asset, man,” said Ferrari.

“We got a flag on the play. Blue Face’s mom said her man’s penis is bigger than her son’s,” said Ferrari.

“I think anything goes in that family. Whatever they say about them. It might be true,” said Su Solo.

Kountry Wayne

“Where did the name Kountry Wayne come from?” asked OCT.

I’m from the south, I’m from Georgia, so they gave me my name back in the day,” said Kountry Wayne.

I always knew I was funny because I used it to get out of everything. No matter how heavy the situation was, I would always use the gift to make room for anything I wanted to do. I just never thought I’d be a comedian,” said Kountry Wayne.

“What sparked or what’s the moment that made me say, let me try to do this?” said Ferrari.

Kountry Wayne described the moment that made him want to create his first funny video.

He also shared that he is going out with a book that will describe his trapping life. 

“I think it’s great that you are sharing your story. So many people feel trapped in the trap. They have dreams, and they may have goals but don’t know how they will get there, and they may not have anybody to influence them,” said Su Solo.

“How many kids do you have?” asked Ferrari.

“I have 10,” said Kountry Wayne.

“I have a baby mama myself. How do you juggle everything with your schedule?” asked Ferrari.

“You just have to make them a part of everything. When you got them intentions, God will figure it out,” said Kountry Wayne.

“How was it for you when you were in a public relationship with another comedian? I’m talking about Jess Hilarious, by the way?” asked Ferrari.

“She was a queen, man. She changed a lot. She was working towards whatever I was doing. She was submissive.” said Kountry Wayne.

“Do you think y’all will ever revisit that relationship again?” asked OCT.

Me and Jess had no relationship problems. We laughed. She was different with me,” said Kountry Wayne. “It was nothing relationship-wise about why we broke up.”

“She gets on interviews, and she lies about me. I called her and say, ‘Jess, why you lied on me?’ She said well, ‘you know I’m lying.’ I couldn’t do anything but respect it because she is so real,” said Kountry Wayne.

“The stage is the hardest art in the world. The only way to get real respect is to do stand up,” said Kountry Wayne.

He shared that he has a Netflix special in the making.

He also shared that he was one of the first internet comedians to make money from social media.

“A slow month on Facebook right now is $400,000,” said Kountry Wayne. When you are an entertainer, you have to monetize yourself first.

Kountry Wayne also shared that his character Drip relates a lot to himself and his life.

“We admire your brilliance, and we’re glad you’re here to drop some knowledge to our followers,” said OCT.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

I have been with my man for a little over a year, and we are happy for the most part. My thing is he goes to North Carolina every weekend for his job, but I have never been with him, and I don’t have a landline number for his job. I have searched for his company, and when I call his company, no one can help me. I didn’t start questioning him until recently, and it has started a rift in our household. My cousin said I needed to use the feature that locates his phone and go to his phone because she believes he has another family in North Carolina. Please help me with what I should do. I don’t want to be that nagging girlfriend, but it’s starting to bother me like crazy. I need help from people that don’t know the situation.”

“She gotta send a picture butt naked with another man, and he ain’t do no of that no more,” said Kountry Wayne. 

“I think it’s a lot of insecurity going on in their relationship,” said BT.

“You need to take yo ass down to North Carolina with his ass and see what the hell is going on,” said Ferrari.

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