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The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 224: Don Cannon Joins The Cast to Discuss Rumors of Lil Uzi Leaving Generation Now and So Much More

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. Don Cannon joined Ferrari, BT and OCT to discuss rumors of Lil Uzi leaving Generation Now and so much more.

Billboard announced that former Apple executive Larry Jackson embarked on a new business venture Gamma that allows major artists and brands to work hand in hand with music, film, fashion and merchandising. The first artist to join Gamma was Usher and Rick Ross.

“Always excited about new ventures,” said OCT. “Especially people that are for the culture and actually benefiting off the culture,” said BT.

“I don’t think a lot of people know that you had a lot of executive roles in your career,” said Ferrari tells Don Cannon.

“I took some roles because I took a bid with DJ-ing. I wanted to get in and really learn the business and get out. I took a position at Def Jam as VP A&R. I took the position and lifted the hood up like, oh, they got nitrogen. Alright cool. That’s what helped me learn a lot of things I didn’t know,” said Don Cannon.

Cannon shared that he had a publishing deal and produced tracks.

“How did you get to Def Jam?” asked OCT.

“They actually saw me,” said Cannon.

Cannon shared that he stayed with Def Jam for three years before wanting to move back to Atlanta from Los Angeles.

Players Ball

“Ja Morant will not face charges for flashing his gun. I’m happy that it’s no charges, and I hope that he has learned himself,” said Ferrari.

“He’s a kid. These guys need to get some help. In the successful world, they’re going to change,” said Cannon.

“Creed 3 star, Jonathan Majors to play Denis Rodman in film 48 hrs in Vegas,” said Ferrari.

“Man, they better not burn Jonathan Majors out,” said BT.

“Dennis Rodman was off the chain back then,” said OCT.

“Once he gets them earrings, some sunglasses and a few fake tats, it’s over,” said Cannon.

“Are the Lakers making the Playoffs?” asked Ferrari.

“They will not make the playoffs. They will make the play in. We have to gel first with the new team and have too many injuries. I like the new additions,” said Cannon.

“Shawn Kemp was arrested after allegedly being a part of a drive-by shooting. Cops said an altercation happened between two people at around 2 p.m. Witnesses claim Kemp released five to ten shots at the other vehicle acting in self-defense,” said Ferrari.

“I’ve seen the video, and first of all, it looks like he just started firing at somebody. If that video is real, you can’t take that to court,” said BT.

“Anytime I hear Shawn Kemp, I think about how fire he used to be,” said Ferrari.

Don Cannon

“You’ve been promoting this app called the TmrO app. Of course, you’re the CEO of Generation Now. What is the TmrO app?” asked Ferrari.

“It’s the greatest thing for creatives that hit the market in a long time. It’s a marketplace app for creatives to make money and clients to find creatives. The only reason I speak on this is because whenever I go to speak, the first thing people do is raise their hand and ask, how do I get on?” asked Cannon. He included, “I wanted to be able to give them something thatchy can live by.

Creatives will be able to use the app as a portfolio as clients seek talent. They will also be able to make money and be paid through the app as quickly as tomorrow, which is where the name is derived from.

The app has been available for two years. It is currently located in the Apple store. Cannon shared that he is currently working on an android version.

“I want to talk to you about Generation Now. How did you guys come together to form Generation Now?” asked Ferrari.

“Generation Now first started as a mixtape in the early 2002/ 2003. Gangsta Grills was moving so fast, and I don’t think Dram felt that everything got under that brand, so we wanted to make a brand that was a part of the new and upcoming people. So we formulated GenerationNow. It was like breaking in new artists,” said Cannon.

Cannon shared how he met Lil Uzi Vert and signed him to Generation Now.

“Was it a gut punch when Uzi left Generation Now?” asked OCT.

“He didn’t ever leave. I’ll explain what he did. He went and got management with Roc Nation, but he was still signed to us. He just had different management,” said Cannon.

Cannon shared that Uzi’s contract with Generation Now is based on albums, not years.

“Question, did you guys think Jack Harlow would be as big as he is now?” asked Ferrari.

“Uh yea, I did. When I met him,” said Cannon.

Cannon shared that the one thing he took from Def Jam and brought to his company was a partnership.


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