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The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 227: Chinese Kitty Joins Cast to Discuss Body Enhancements, Love & Hip Hop, Women in Rap and More

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome back to another episode of the Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcasts. In this episode, Chinese Kitty joins Ferrari, Su Solo and OCT to discuss body enhancements, Love & Hip Hop, women in rap and more.

“For those who don’t know, who is Chinese Kitty?” asked OCT.

“Chinese Kitty is an artist, female rapper, mother and businesswoman,” said Chinese Kitty.

” Where do you get the name Chinese Kitty from?” asked OCT.

“Well, I am part Chinese. A lot of people used to tease me back in the day, and Kitty is a name I always had cause it was mysterious, and people used to say I was mysterious. One day I was on Instagram and decided to use it,” said Chinese Kitty.

“I’ve known you for a while, but I definitely have seen you transition into the music. When I first met you, music wasn’t the focal point,” said Ferrari.

“Music was something that I was a little bit shaky getting into. I think I was on Love & Hip Hop,” said Chinese Kitty.

OCT asked Chinese Kitty about her job before music, and she shared that she was into nightlife.


She shared that she was a bartender at Scarlets. 

“When did you decide that I’m going to do music?” I’m going to be an artist,” asked Ferrari.

“I grew up around music my entire life. My dad and my mom have always been in the industry. My dad found a lot of artists like Joe Budden and Fab,” said Chinese Kitty.

“Is Chinese Kitty signed right now?” asked Ferrari.

“I am actually signed to my own label. Kitty Gang Music,” said Chinese Kitty.

“So your mom is popping, popping,” said Ferrari.

Chinese Kitty shared that her mom has pushed her to be successful. 

” Does Chinese Kitty have time to be in a relationship? Are you talking to anybody?” asked Ferrari.

“I am in a situationship. It’s complicated because we come from two different worlds. He’s not in the industry. He’s not in the limelight. He holds it down for me,” said Chinese Kitty.

The cast discussed Love & Hip Hop. Chinese Kitty shared that she’s not a reality TV person.

“Did you feel like your time on Love & Hip Hop helped you or hurt you?” asked Su Solo.

“I feel that it just bought me a bunch of followers who just sit there and watch,” said Chinese Kitty.

Chinese Kitty said she would not return to Love & Hip Hop.

“I would do my own reality show,” said Chinese Kitty.

“What is the craziest DM you ever got?” asked Ferrari.

“Who has said they want to work with you, get in the studio, and they just want to smash?” asked Su Solo.

“No matter how musically talented or how far. Soon as they see your body, they gonna shoot their shot. It doesn’t matter,” said Chinese Kitty.

“The Boy Ain’t Mine, who cleared this sample, and what made you want to touch this classic?” asked OCT.

“What’s so crazy is somebody came to me with the beat, and I was going through a situation with an ex. I was dating a guy, and my friend at the time was dating him behind my back. When I made the record, it was based on that,” said Chinese Kitty.

So what’s next for Chinese Kitty?

“Full artist mode,” said Chinese Kitty

Baller Blitz

In this segment of Baller Blitz, Chinese Kitty is given an artist’s name, and she must name a song by that artist.

OCT: Lil Kim

Chinese Kitty: Crush On You

OCT: Fab

Chinese Kitty: X

OCT: Big Daddy Kane

Chinese Kitty: X

OCT: Busta Rhymes

Chinese Kitty: X

OCT: Jay Z

Chinese Kitty: Brooklyn We Go Hard

Foxy Brown: Get You Home

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

I recently found out my girl has Chlamydia, and she told me to get tested. Have an appointment tomorrow to see if I have it. As of now, I think I just have Chlamydia sore throat. She told me she got it back in September, and she took antibiotics, but it reappeared sometime recently. Do you think she’s messing around?”

“How do you get Chlamydia if you’re not messing around? And you should leave her immediately,” said Chinese Kitty.

“If you didn’t give it to her, somebody did, sir. The math, not mathing,” said Su Solo.

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