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The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 238: Cast Discusses the 2023 Met Gala, Mya & the NFL Draft

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome back to another episode of the Baller Alert show. On this episode, the cast dove into the 2023 Met Gala looks, Mya’s viral video and the 2023 NFL draft.

Who were your favorite outfits of the night?

“Cardi B,” said Ferrari.

“I hate to say this, but Kim K. Kim K was snatched,’ said Su Solo.

I liked Diddy’s outfit,” said BT. “He looked like Dark Vader,” said OCT.

Teyana looked so good!” said BT.

“Did y’all see Lil Nas X? If that’s what he does for shock value, he does a great job,” said Ferrari.

“Everything was ok for me except the thong part,” said Su Solo.

“One thing that went viral was Diddy saying that he and Caresha don’t have a title,” said OCT.

“I don’t understand why that keeps going viral. We know that already,” said Su Solo.

“Ice Spice made it to the Met Gala,” said Su Solo.

“It’s so interesting to see her career. Literally, within a year, you go viral, and now you’re at the Met Gala,” said Su Solo.

“I’m not gonna lie. Is it bad that I like her music?” asked BT.

“On Princess Diana, she got Nicki Minaj on the remix. She’s really hoping right now,” said OCT.

“Do you know who’s not popping and who was not at the Met Gala together?” asked OCT. Cher and A.E.

“City boys is down 1000 points,” said BT.

“What I think happened was her friends started hating on him,” said Ferrari.

“I feel like they enjoyed each other’s times, and now it is over,” said Su Solo.

In other news, Summer Walker and Lil Meech are official.

“They look happy,” said OCT.

“I don’t think this is going to last,” said Su Solo.

90s Singer Mya goes viral after juice squirts in her hair.

“I’m not going to lie, I watched it like six times. It was the way she reacted,” said BT. “Mya seems like she knows how to have a good time.”

Players Ball

The Kobe 4 Protro ‘Mambacita’ shoes dropped in honor of Gianna Bryant’s 17th birthday.

“It’s such a sad thing every time I think about GG, Kobe Bryant and the other passengers on the plane,” said Ferrari.

On a brighter note, Lebron James is against Stephen Curry. Who y’all got?

“Stephen Curry. I love Lebron James, but I’m also a Stephen Curry fan and guess what? I think the Warriors is going to get another championship,” said BT.

“You’re wrong,” said Ferrari.

“Deion Sanders calls out the NFL after only one HBCU player gets drafted. I do agree with him on that,” said Ferrari.

Why do you think the NFL turns an eye on HBCUs?

“They need these black kids to go to PWIs, and you cannot give HBCUs too much love otherwise, you will encourage these black students to go to HBCUs,” said Su Solo.

“Ferrari responded by saying, “I will say recruiting is based on big television time, which those big PWIs are on television. Recruiters no longer go to the games,” said Ferrari.

Love Vs. Money

In this episode, the cast discussed if Cam Newton and Jasmine Brown are together for love or money.

“I don’t like y’all as a couple. That’s just my opinion,” said Ferrari.

“I really think it’s love. Jasmine got her own bag,” said BT.

“I think it’s love. I’ve heard her talk about this man in interviews and how she gives and receives love. You about to tell me the way she talks about her man, her man, her man. It has to be love,” said Su Solo.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

My man and I are in an open relationship, but he’s taking things way too far. We went from doing things together to him spending more time with the other person, especially when we get into an argument. He disappears with her. Lastly, I brought up that if we are all open, then she needs to pay bills, especially if she’s been slick living here for the past two months.”

“What I would say, leave baby girl. One thing about it is that he will do what he wants. He’s not going to change. Leave. That’s it,” said Su Solo.

“Maybe she should talk to the girl. Listen, I brought you in, and I can damn sure take you out,” said BT.

“I agree with Su. You need ti pack your shit, then leave,” said Ferrari.


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