The Baller Alert Show-- Episode 241: CoCo Jones Joins Cast to Talk Her Hit Song ICU, Getting Recognition from Beyonce, Bel-Air Season 3 and More

The Baller Alert Show– Episode 241: CoCo Jones Joins Cast to Talk Her Hit Song ICU, Getting Recognition from Beyonce, Bel-Air Season 3 and More

Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. In this episode, Coco Jones joins the cast to discuss her viral hit ICU, dating, getting recognition from Beyonce, starring in Bel-Air and more. The cast also discusses Beyonce’s tour and the revealing of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s baby boy’s name.

“Congratulations to Robert Deniro and his partner Tiffany Chen. They welcomed a new baby. He is 79 years old,” said Ferrari.

“Don’t ever let people tell you it’s too late to have kids,” said Su Solo.

“Prayers up for Jamie Foxx,” said BT.

BT shared that he called one of Jamie’s friends, who shared that he is in good spirits and doing fine.

Rihanna’s baby name is revealed after one of the Wu-Tang founding members, RZA.

Beyonce is currently on a work tour, and clips are flooding people’s timelines. According to OCT, all reviews have not been positive.

“I guess they expected more from Beyonce,” said OCT.

“Her tickets cost a house, and people want to see magic. She will add something trendy but doesn’t always change her dance moves,” said Su Solo.

“I feel like it will grow into something iconic,” said OCT.

The suspect in Young Dolph’s murder has a bond set to 90k after being charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy to complete first-degree murder.

“Not enough,” said Ferrari.

“If this guy does make bail, the streets ain’t safe for him,” said Ferrari.

On BET, they have a new season of College Hill with Joseline and Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard.

The cast discussed an altercation after New York grieved over losing her dog, who she referred to as her daughter.

Players Ball

The Miami Heat and the New York Knicks are going to game 6. The Miami Heat should be the winners.

I ain’t never been to Miami and heard, ‘Hey I’m going to a Miami Heats game. People don’t care about Miami Heat going to the finals,” said BT.

Love v.s. Money

On this episode, the cast discussed if Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak are together for love or money.

“If they’re a housewife, they’re definitely there for the money,” said BT.

“Didn’t they just file for divorce?” asked Su Solo.

“I think this relationship could have been love, but she’s leaving when the pot is hot,” said Su Solo.

“Do y’all think she’ll go back on the show?” asked OCT.

“She’s calling Andy right now, saying she’s got a story to tell,” said BT.

Coco Jones

“When did you finally feel Like ‘Coco Jones has arrived?” asked Su Solo.

“I actually had that moment at one of my first performances headlining. I was at Howard theatre and was choking up while they were singing ICU. I couldn’t believe that they were passionate about singing and they knew all of the words,” said Coco Jones.

“The first time I heard it, I was like, ok, it’s a bop. It sticks,” said Su Solo.

“They wanted to showcase my vocals and what sets me apart,” said Coco Jones.

“Was there any type of release when people were saying, ‘I like her as an artist, as a musician, and not just an actor.”

“To finally see these pieces come together, it’s a relief and also a grateful, humble experience,” said Coco Jones.

Coco Jones spoke about meeting Beyonce at the Rock Nation Brunch.

“She was like, ‘I know you. You be singing your ass off.’ I literally felt frozen in time. She was like, ‘Keep doing your thing. I’m proud of you,” said Coco Jones.

“Speaking of men, you left your pretend man on read, Jazz. How have you acclimated from the beginning to now?” asked OCT.

“I’ve learned a lot about balance, and I’ve learned a lot about commitment,” said Coco Jones.

“Are there moments where it’s a transgression? Do feel like, man this is too much?” said Ferrari.

“I do have help in balancing my schedule. It’s so weird to say I have an assistant, but I do have an assistant,” said Coco Jones.

“What’s your dream role?” asked OCT.

“I would love to do a fire action movie. I loved Charlie’s Angels. I also want to do a powerful drama,” said Coco Jones.

What are some of the things you learned thus far from the industry?

“The lesson I’m trying to learn right now is that business and things aren’t personal. More than anything, persistence has even the biggest lesson,” said Coco Jones.

“How long did it take?” asked BT.

“It took ten years for me,” said Coco Jones.

“What’s next?” asked OCT

“I’m really excited to be on tour this summer. I want to go to all of these cities and give them love,” said Coco Jones.

Baller Mail

“Dear Baller Alert,

“My son and my husband are not seeing eye to eye. My son is dating this girl, and ahe isn’t the best female for our son. My husband, his dad, is way more vocal about it than I am about it and he’s very rude to the young lady. I love my son, and he is very happy with this young lady. How do I get his dad on board?”

“First of all, you gotta tell the dad to stay at that lil boy business. Give him some advice, but you can’t take it out on that young lady,” said BT.

“She came by with his son, and he smelled some bullshit. He just keeping it a stack. He smelled the thot in her,” said Ferrari.




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