The Baller Alert Show - Ep. 246: Gigi Maguire Talks Becoming a Drug Mule, Stripper Culture, Michael Jordan Being a Cheap Tipper and More

The Baller Alert Show – Ep. 246: Gigi Maguire Talks Becoming a Drug Mule, Stripper Culture, Michael Jordan Being a Cheap Tipper and More

Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. On this episode, GiGi Maguire joins the cast to discuss stripper days, Michael Jordan being a cheap tipper, making nearly $30K in 28 minutes and more

“Congratulations to Halle Bailey. Her movie The Little Mermaid ranked 117.5 million over the weekend,” said Ferrari.

“I was crying,” said OCT.

“Did you guys hear or see that Netflix is cracking down on password sharing by charging $8 for every user on the account?” asked Ferrari.

“I got my cousin’s password. He got to deal with that,” said BT.

“I’m the cousin. Everybody got my password. I’m about to change my shit,” said Gigi Maguire.

“What’s going on right now is DJ Drama versus Meek Mill,” Sid Ferrari.

According to the cast, Meek Mill wrote a tweet disagreeing with a quote that DJ Drama shared, stating Drake is today’s Jay Z.

“I think DJ Drama was just to have his opinion,” said Ferrari. “I hope they can squash this and be friends.”

The cast discussed Dani Leigh fleeing a crime scene after she participated in a hit-and-run. 

“They said she was swerving in and out of lanes, finally hit someone on a moped and dragged them for blocks. She better hope he’s not paralyzed,” said Su Solo.

Love Vs. Money

On this episode, the cast discussed if Tim and Bria Anderson are together for love or money.

“I think she might be there for the money because why would you stick around if he has a whole different situation,” said Su Solo.

“I think it’s cheaper to keep her,” said OCT.

“I think she really loves this man,” said Ferrari.

Gigi Maguire

“Can you tell us the journey from Philly to Atlanta,” OCT.

Gigi Maguire explained her early life as a teenage mom. She shared that she beat her mom with an ironing board, which resulted in her staying in her “brother’s drug house.”

“I ended up becoming a drug mule,” said Gigi. “It was only one trip. I went to Jamaica. I swallowed 99 grams of heroin.”

Gigi then got interested in the club scene. 

“We went to the club, and I was floored by what I saw,” said Gigi.

“I worked the day shift,” said Gigi.

“I decided that I wanted to bartend. I went to bartending school,” said Gigi.

Gigi then moved to Atlanta.

“You had to get your body done, right?” asked OCT.  

“I sat in the club for two days, and they had their amateur night contest,” said Gigi.

Gigi shared her surgery journey.

“The number one problem I have is I Simon hard places for too long because it becomes uncomfortable. Another thing is smacking my ass.

It’s extremely sensitive,” said Gigi.

“What’s the most money you have made in a night?” asked Ferrari.

“On a regular night, I made seven to nine thousand. My last dance was close to thirty,” said Gigi.

“I left Magic City in 2011,” said Gigi.

Gigi shared that she stopped dancing due to the request of her boyfriend. On her final dance, she shared that she made nearly $30,000 in 28 minutes.

“Did that make you want to stay?” asked OCT

“Honestly, I wasn’t ready to go,” shared Gigi.

Gigi shared her experience with her daughter.

“I always kept everything open. I never hid the shoes, the clothes, the money, the late nights or the drinking,” shared Gigi. 

“How did you meet Angela Yee?” asked Ferrari.

“We were friends,” shared Gigi. The way that we met, she is really close friends with my ex,” said Gigi.

“So what’s next for Gigi?” asked Ferrari.

“I want to open a restaurant. I want good-feeling food,” said Gigi.

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