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The Baller Alert Show: Ep. 281- Hitmaka Talks About His New Label, Separation From Tink & Working With Nicki Minaj

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show. On this episode, Hitmaka talks about his new label, separation from Tink and working with Nicki Minaj.

“In case you missed it, Tamar Braxton and the contestant from Queens Court, JR, they have broken up,” said OCT. “This is a surprise.”

“Aye Tamar, just stay single for a little bit,” said Ferrari. “Tamar, stop looking for love and just let it come back to you.”

“Another one who’s looking for love, but not. black love is Terrel Owens. He was on live with Ocho Cinco telling his experience with black women and how it wasn’t good,” said OCT.

“I tried to date black girls in college and they did not like me,” said Terrell Owens.

The cast shared their thoughts. Hitmaka shared that Owens should be allowed to have a preference.

An old video of Kanye West resurfaced where he said Cardi B was an industry plant.

“I personally hate stuff like that happening because sometimes it’s really taken out of context,” said Ferrari.

“We’ve all said some things about people we don’t know,” said BT.

Love Vs. Money

On this episode, the cast discussed whether Joi Chavis and Trevon Diggs are together for love or money.

“Well, Joi just tattooed his name,” said Ferrari.

“I definitely think that this is a potential love,” said Ferrari.

“I think it’s love,” said BT. “They’ve been together for some time. That tattoo is love.”

“I got hella girls tattooed on me,” said Hitmaka.

“How many girls you got on you?” asked OCT.

“I got like five,” said Hitmaka.

Ferrari asked Hitmaka if he sees anything between himself and Tink and he shared that it’s best they go their separate ways.

“Me and her did so many monumental things together. It’s going always to be there,” said Hitmaka.

OCT asked Hitmaka if he could see himself getting married. She referred to him as a “lady’s man.”

Hitmaka shared how his relationship with Hazel E started on the show. “We weren’t into a deep-rooted relationship. The alcohol and the show made it what it was,” said Hitmaka.

He shared that he has love for Hazel E.

“Do you feel like you finally get your flowers being Hitmaka?” ‘asked BT.

“I ain’t really worried about flowers anymore. All that is just searching for acceptance,” said Hitmaka.

“Are you really excited about breaking new artist?”

“I think it’s a different level when you can break an artist,” said Hitmaka.

Hitmaka shared that he sold some of his catalog and can stop making music.

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