The Baller Alert Show: Episode 135 - “Take It to Trial”

The Baller Alert Show: Episode 135 – “Take It to Trial”

Hosts Ferrari SimmonsSu Solo, and Producer/Host Octavia March sat down to chop it up about Saweetie & Quavo’s relationship drama, Lil Nas X and his satan shoes, the Derek Chauvin trial & more.

The In Case You Missed It segment opened up with a special congratulatory message to Natalia Bryant, daughter of Kobe Bryant, for her acceptance into USC. 

“I heard she did it the regular way too,” Ferrari said. “She actually did her thing, she got her education and held her own,” Su responded.

The hosts also touched on whether they think she should stay on campus or have 24/7 security.

Next up, the crew discussed the Saweetie and Quavo elevator drama. TMZ obtained and released footage of the former couple’s elevator tussle. 

“It looks like they [we’re] just arguing. It looks like something was really important in that bag,” Ferrari said jokingly. “ It looks like a relationship tussle.”

On a more serious note, the hosts shared their thoughts on abuse in any capacity and even shared personal experiences.

Moving on to the next topic, the hosts shared their thoughts on Lil Nas X and his controversial Satan Airmax shoes designed by streetcar company, MSCHF.

MN v.s. Derek Chauvin

The crew also touched on the Derek Chuavin trial. Octavia shared that during the first day of the trial, Chauvin’s attorney blamed the growing crowd at the scene for distracting officers causing them to divert their attention from the care of George Floyd.

“I’m not shocked by nothing these people do. The blame always falls back on the black community and the black victim,” said Su. 


Keeping listeners up-to-date on all things related to COVID-19, the hosts shared Pfizer’s claim that covid vaccines are 100% effective in kids ages 12-15. Ferrari shared that he has a soon to be college-kid and plans on taking the vaccine himself. Su also shared her conspiracy theory regarding the vaccine, alluding to the Tuskegee Experiment.

“I guess I’ll be watching the shows from the outside,” she said.

Baller Mail

“I just proposed to my pregnant girlfriend in front of everyone last week, and she said no. What should I do? We’ve been together since 8th grade. We are both seniors in college?”

The crew gave their advice to this young man during the popular Baller Mail segment.

Tune in below to hear what they said and to listen to the full episode:

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