The Baller Alert Show: Episode 136 – DMX, Paul Pierce, ‘Wear Brims’ and More

Ferrari, Su and Octavia are back at it again with another episode of the Baller Alert Show! This time, they chop it up with Archie Clay III and Tajh Crutch, founders of WEAR BRIMS, a luxury fedora hat company. Plus, they discuss DMX, Paul Pierce and more.

Episode 136 opens up with In Case You Missed It, where the cast sends prayers and well wishes to rapper DMX who suffered a drug overdose over this past weekend. The crew also talks about former NBA Paul Pierce, who parted ways with ESPN after an Instagram Live of him with strippers went viral.

“I don’t know if he should have gotten fired. It was him enjoying part of some of America’s past times– weed and strippers,” Su said jokingly.

The segment ended with updates on the COVID-19. Octavia shared news about a new “double-mutant” strain recently discovered in California which first appeared in India.

Su also shared updates on the genocide currently happening in Ethiopia. Check out the #StopWarOnTigray for more information.


Next up, the crew chopped it up with the founders of WEAR BRIMS, a black-owned luxury fedora hat company. The designers talked about their journey, their new deal with Nordstrom and more.

Baller Mail

“I got into an argument with one of my guy friends, does it make me a hoe if I sleep with two different guys in one day?” “I ain’t a hoe, I just got two options to blow my back out from time to time.”

The hosts weigh in with their judgment-free opinions.

“I ain’t judging you, but you making it damn hard,” said Rarri.

The show ends with Rari’s final thoughts. Tune in below to listen to the entire episode.

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