The Baller Alert Show: Episode 139, Featuring Lil Duval

The Baller Alert Show is back at it again with a brand new episode! In this week’s episode, the crew is joined by comedian Lil Duval. Duval chats about his brand new video-on-demand special, music, weed products and much more.

Episode 139 kicks off with Lil Duval speaking about his Living My Best Life special –out now– where he combines music and comedy all-in-one. Duval also talked about the music he’s done prior to his hit single, Living My Best Life, and how he combined music and comedy early in his career.

The crew then dives into Duval’s recent tweets about grown men living together as roommates.

“I was just tweeting high randomly,” Duval joked. “The next, day I just looked back, like ‘oh, they mad at that?'” He cleared up the tweets and confirmed that he was mainly talking about people prending to be ballin’, but really living with a roommate.

Duval’s dog Smokey then interrupts the interview, but the crew gets back to it– and Duval talks about being a sort-of, new smoker.


Dear Rari, I am dating a man with a corporate card. We go to nice dinners all the time and I get invited to all his out-of-town business trips. The issue is, he never purchases anything with his personal money. Should I even care? Is he being cheap? Any advice?

Duval chimes in. He doesn’t find anything wrong and thinks they should continue using the company’s money while they can.

“That’s more money for ya’ll later on for when that corporate job go, cause its gonna go.” he joked.

Oct and Rari seem to agree, however, Su thinks it’s weird.

“The part that we are neglecting is that she said if she wants something and he can’t get it off the corporate card, he won’t get it at all. That is weird,” Su said.


Duval talks about his “Auntie of the Week” social media promo where he “pays homage” to women age 35-55 on Instagram. He also confirms his relationship status, however, his ‘ol lady is not an auntie.


Duval talks about the tour and the comedians that joined him on the road. He also shares that his friend Coolaid, who passed away from cancer, inspired the hit song.

Check out the entire interview below and don’t forget to check out Lil Duval’s Living My Best Life video-on-demand special:

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